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After some success with novelty items like The Earth Buddy and Chatter Rings in 1996 Spin Master really took off with the birth of the Air Hogs brand of flying toys. Teaming up with leading brands such as Disney, McDonald's, Marvel, and Nickelodeon, the Spin Master family has been churning out hits in children's and family outdoor and indoor entertainment and furnishings for years.
In the area of RC toys, Spin Master has the Regenerator, Zero Gravity Wall Climber, and Air Hogs R/C vehicles such the Storm Launcher, Sky Winder, and Sky Patrol helicopter.

Air Hogs R/C:

Radio controlled planes, helicopters, and the all-terrain (land, water, and air) Storm Launcher join the air pressure flying machines in the Spin Master Air Hogs family.

Storm Launcher is a combination car, plane, and boat. Aimed at kids 16 and up, the all terrain Storm Launcher comes in beginner, intermediate, and advanced operating modes. Drive it, fly it, or skim the water. There is also a Mini Storm Launcher.

  • Compare Prices Storm Launcher
  • Storm Launcher Orange 27.195 MHz (Buy Direct)
  • Compare PricesMini Storm Launcher Black and Yellow 27.045MHz
  • Compare PricesMini Storm Launcher w/Orange Flames 27.045MHz
  • Compare PricesMini Storm Launcher (colors may vary)
Air Hogs R/C airplanes include the Defender with all-in-one charger/controller, Resistor with beginner and advanced flying modes, and the easy-to-toss Rush/Intense. For looping stunts there's the Sky Winder. For indoor or outdoor fun there's the little Aero Ace bi-plane or the UFO-like Vectron UltraLite flying and hovering disk. A Spider-Man R/C Slinger Plane, the stealthy Dominator, and the Boeing Apache helicopter are other Air Hogs R/C aircraft. The Havoc Heli, Battling Laser Havoc Helis, the Mini Havoc, and Reflex are some of the most popular RC helicopters in the Air Hogs line.
  • Compare PricesAll Kinds of Havoc Helis
  • Compare PricesVarious Reflex Helicopters
  • Compare PricesVectron Flying Saucer
  • Compare PricesRoom Raider Airplane, Red/Gray,27MHz
  • Compare PricesRoom Raider Airplane, Blue/Gray,49MHz

Zero Gravity Wall Climber:

It doesn't fly but it does defy gravity. This RC Humvee uses a vacuum-cleaner style suction to climb walls. The Zero Gravity Wall Climber gets mixed reviews from users who say it needs very smooth walls to work but when it does work its amazing and entertaining. Comes in 27MHz and 49MHz frequencies.
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And now there's a micro version too. The Zero Gravity Micro RC car comes in A, B, C, and D channels for racing up to 4 cars at once.
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Wrecking RC cars can get expensive but this RC is designed for crashing. The Legacy R/C Regenerator has five crash zones. Crash it, smash it, regenerate it automatically and go again. The door pops off (it's a design feature) during a hard crash and has to be manually popped back in place. It also has a little brother. The Regenerator Mini rebuilds itself automatically after the crash and comes in two colors.

Spin Master, Ltd.:

450 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1B6 Canada

USA: Spin Master, Inc.
300 International Drive, Suite 100, Williamsville, NY 14221

Where to Buy Spin Master RC Toys:

Spin Master products are available at a wide range of retailers such as Best Buy, Blaine's, Costco, eToys, FAO Schwarz, Fry's Electronics, Hobbico, K-Mart, KB Toys, Radio Shack, Target, Toys 'R Us, and Wal-Mart.

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