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Military Vehicles and Construction Equipment

From Airsoft tanks, humvees, planes, and warships to bulldozers, cranes, front loaders, and concrete mixers, size-to-scale RC replicas of military and construction vehicles are popular with children ages 9 to 90. Some RC groups center on recreations of famous air and sea battles using scale models of authentic military warbirds and battleships. Kids and adults both can engage in backyard excavations with radio controlled backhoes and bulldozers.
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RC Tanks Basics
While military aircraft are the glamour vehicles of the RC hobby, tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other tracked and wheeled ground vehicles used in the world's armed forces also provide hours of radio controlled entertainment. The majority of RC tanks are sold as toys but there is an active segment of RC enthusiasts who build their own RC...

R/C Warship Combat FAQ
From how much damage occurs when the ship sinks to the difference between ball-bearing and BB cannons, get answers to your questions about the hobby of RC Warship Combat.

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