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RC Earth Mover or Front Loader Construction Vehicle

RC Earth Mover

Photo by J. James
Compare prices and compare features on these different RC bulldozers. Some may have moving front blades or scoops. These earth movers come in wired remote control and radio control versions for all ages and include Caterpillar and John Deere branded toys.
  • Compare PricesJohn Deere Mighty Mover is the familiar John Deere green. It drives, dumps, and scoops with its front scoop. Recommended for ages 3 and up, it has a little driver and simple button controls.

  • Compare PricesCaterpillar Remote Control Wheel Loader for ages 3 and up is a wired vehicles with forward, reverse turning, and scooping actions.

  • R/C Little Mack Construction Set (Buy Direct) for ages 3-6 has a dump truck, wheel loader and crane truck along with construction workers. Each transmitter has 3 channels so friends or siblings can play together.

  • Compare PricesTamiya Remote Control Bulldozer is a simple tracked vehicle kit that moves in forward, reverse, left, right while pushing sand, pebbles, and small toys out of its way. Build it yourself.

  • Compare PricesLearning Curve John Deere RC Dozer pushes up to 40 pounds. The front blade moves up and down and the vehicle has 360-degree turning. Although the manufacturer recommends age 5 and up, it may be better for slightly older children. There are both 27 MHz and 49 MHz models.

  • Rokenbok RC Loader (Buy Direct) for 6-9 years comes with little balls to scoop up in the working scoop (better than bringing dirt indoors). Has working headlights too.

Compare prices and compare features on these different RC excavators. The simplest are typically wired and have very basic movements and fanciful colors or features. Others are radio control and have more complex arm/scoop movements and more realistic detailing.

  • Compare PricesKid Galaxy My First RC Excavator comes with barricades and little boulders to move around. For ages 3 and up, it's a colorful yellow with blue and red accents, a little hard hat wearing driver, and a smiley face.

  • Compare PricesCaterpillar Remote Control Excavator is a tracked vehicle with a scoop arm that moves up and down and has sound effects. It's aimed at 3 year olds.

  • 15" Caterpillar Remote Control Backhoe (Buy Direct) goes forward and reverse and makes sounds. It's for 3 and up.

  • Compare PricesEchoPRO 49 MHz Radio Control Excavator is suitable for ages 4 and up with its simple forward and reverse controls, working lights, and moving front loader scoop.

  • Compare PricesNKOK Wheel RC Excavator is for children 6 and up. It has lots of extras including multiple moving parts, lights, and detailing.
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