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Modify a New Bright RC Snowmobile

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New Bright Ski-Doo MXZ

New Bright Ski-Doo MXZ

From what I've seen in browsing videos about modifying New Bright RC toys, the New Bright RC Snowmobile is a very mod-friendly vehicle. Now days, it can be hard to find this particular discontinued toy, but I'm pretty sure if you look hard enough you could possibly find one that can be modded. Or, perhaps you have a New Bright RC Snowmobile that the kids have stopped playing with? Below, I'll show you (through others) how to inject new life into that old toy.

New Bright RC Snowmobile Specs

Once you get your hands on one of these radio controlled snowmobile toys you'll want to learn more about it. Not a lot of information, but New Bright does have these specs for the 28" SKI-DOO MX Z that includes measurements and battery requirements.

Brushless Motor Mods for New Bright RC Snowmobile

Putting in a new, more powerful motor is one mod that RC toy tinkerers like to do. Instead of the more complex nitro mod (described in the next section), changing out the toy motor for a hobby-grade brushed or brushless motor is a little easier and less frustrating for beginners.

In this RC Universe forum discussion, RC owners show off what they've done to the New Bright RC Snowmobile. Some of the topics they cover include ways to get better steering, power, and have less wear and tear on other parts of the vehicle. Because we're dealing with a toy, popping in a new motor is only part of the modification needed. You may have to mod or upgrade other parts as well so that the RC can handle all that extra power.

Nitro-Powered New Bright RC Snowmobile

It's a toy until someone decides to put a nitro engine in it. Here are a couple of videos showcasing a nitro version of a New Bright RC Snowmobile. The engine used is a Traxxas 2.5TRX and I can tell you from owning this engine that it has some good horse power. I think if I lived in a state where it actually snowed, I might want to try this. From the looks of things a lot of work was probably done in order to get the engine itself installed. Where the other components such as gas tank, servos, receiver battery, and receiver were put is still a little unclear. Maybe under the seating compartment, front cowl perhaps?

At RC Universe there's a 2010 discussion revolving around putting a nitro engine in a New Bright RC Snowmobile. There are a lot of snapshots to give you an idea on how they accomplished this modification. This discussion goes into making custom parts for the gearing in the drivetrain and steering as well as problems with the gears in the drivetrain not holding up due to high torque issues.

Modifying RC Toys

A full brushless setup is not cheap ($200-$300 for just the motor and ESC). And because you're likely to need to upgrade a lot more parts on a toy-grade RC, the investment becomes even more expensive. However, the challenge of turning what it is essentially a cheap toy into an unexpected monster machine is worth it to some RC enthusiasts. If you ask them why they did it, the answer might be "because I can." If you're up to the challenge but lacking in funds, start small. Play with the unmodified RC snowmobile or other RC toy for awhile to see what improvements it really needs. Perhaps some minor upgrades like a bigger battery pack or a higher-powered brushed motor for a slight increase in speed to start.

Buying new hobby-grade parts, especially going brushless or nitro, can get pretty expensive and might not be worth it for a toy. I'd recommend looking at what spare parts you already have on hand. Whether you choose to go with more electric power or rev it up to a nitro, modifying RC toy vehicles can be a fun way to improve your RC mechanic skills. If you have a toy sitting around and some spare parts, a quick fix might be worth it.

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