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Replacing the Motor on an Electric RC


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What You Need
Replacing Electric RC Motor

Replacing an Electric RC Motor is an Easy Upgrade

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Changing the motor in an electric RC is a fairly simple modification. You may need to change the motor because the old one is dead. Or, you might want to get a more powerful motor or get more torque from the motor. If you are going for more torque you will want to add a smaller pinion gear to the motor. A smaller pinion gear will cost you some speed so keep that tradeoff in mind.

To replace the motor on your electric RC you'll need:

  • Small hex wrench
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Tire lug wrench
  • Quick-connecting terminals or soldering equipment (see Step 6)
  • Electric RC Motor

This step-by-step tutorial shows a motor replacement on the Traxxas Electric Stampede Monster Truck. The process will be the same or similar for any hobby-grade electric RC car or truck.

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