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RC Battleships, Boats, and Submarines

Blow the opposition out of the water, explore the depths of the pool or pond in search of sunken treasure or provide artillery support for your ground troops with any one of these radio controlled naval vessel replicas. RC military subs, battleships, and cruisers are a great choice for the nautical adventurer in you.

Warship Combat Clubs

HT-2877 RC Warship
Modeled after British torpedo ships in the latter half of the 20th century, the HT-2877 Electric Toy RC Warship is ready to amaze you with its agility and detail right out of the box.

Battle Stations!
Learn more about this 1/96 Scale RC Warship Combat Club and warship combat in general.

R/C Warship Combat FAQ
From how much damage occurs when the ship sinks to the difference between ball-bearing and BB cannons, get answers to your questions about the hobby of RC Warship Combat.

RC Hobby Radio Controlled Submarines
A 1:40 Scale German U-Boat and the SeaWolf are among the submarine kits offered.

RC Hobby Radio Controlled Warships
Here's a selection of kits for building your own battleship or destroyer.

RC Model Warship Combat FAQ
This FAQ from The Australian Battle Group tells what RC model warship combat is all about.

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