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Nitro RC Troubleshooting

Will your nitro engine not start or is it sputtering and stalling? Learn how to fix common and not-so-common problems that occur with nitro engines.

Unstick a Stuck Pull-Start Cord on a Nitro RC
If you have a pull-start nitro RC and the cord is stuck, here's what you can do...

How Do I Stop My Nitro RC From Stalling When Braking?
Put on the brakes without stalling with a few needle adjustments.

Troubleshoot a Nitro RC Fuel System
If your nitro engine isn't getting a sufficient supply of fuel or the fuel has become contaminated it affects engine performance. Try some of these fuel system checks, replacing parts of the fuel system as necessary.

What are Lean and Rich as Applied to Nitro RCs?
Nitro or glow engines use nitro fuel but it's actually a mixture of fuel and air that goes into the engine. The right fuel/air mixture keeps the engine running at its best. The wrong mixture can cause overheating, excessive wear, or cause the engine to stall. This fuel/air mixing takes place in the carburetor.

Nitro Engine Troubleshooting
RC Hobbies Online has advice on what to look at and what to look for when your nitro RC isn't working right.

RC Car and RC Truck Tips and FAQ
Some of the troubleshooting advice included here includes: "When I hit the brakes, why does the engine shut off?" "The engine dies when glow plug igniter is removed!" and "Why do my spur gears keep stripping?"

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