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RC Aircraft Videos

Watch RC airplanes, helicopters, and other flying craft take to the skies indoors and out in these videos. See how well toy and hobby-grade RC helicopters, airplanes, blimps, UFOs, and hybrid flying machines perform in videos produced by the manufacturer and by RC aircraft owners.
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Storm Launcher
Watch this stock, right out of the box Storm Launcher on land and water at first and then some airborne shots at novice setting.

XPV RC - Night and Day
I'm the one at the controls of the red XPV in this video. The nighttime clip was my first time with my XPV. The day time clip shows the XPV flying high on a nice clear day. Since that time my XPV has taken quite a beating but it still flies great.

XPV Adventures
With dad's encouragment a young boy finally manages to get his silver XPV off the pavement and into the air and thwack! zap! it hits a power line.

XPV Adventures 2
Dad hand launches the XPV while his son handles the controls. The XPV also shows it can handle more than pavement and dirt as it drives and slides across the snow.

RC Blimp
This is a homemade radio controlled blimp being flown indoors in this short video.

RC UFO Flying Saucer
Watch the indoor flight of this little RC UFO toy that lights up.

RCUVideos.com Aerial
Watch videos taken from the air from RC aircraft with on-board cameras.

Reese Productions RC Soaring Videos
Watch clips in MPEG format of some of the RC videos they sell on radio-controlled microsurfing, dynamic soaring, and other types of RC toys.

Silverlit X-UFO
The owner of a Silverlit X-UFO flies it in his front yard.
Another, shorter video of the same RC UFO toy.

XPV Promotional Video
The site can be slow to load but in the promotional video on the home page you can see the Fly Wheels XPV in action. Read Fly Wheels XPV Review

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