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RC Airplane Stunt, Specialty, and Crash Videos

The goal is to get the airplane up into the air and keep it there before landing safely on the ground. It doesn't always work out that way as you'll see in some of these RC airplane crash videos.
  1. Tips for Safe RC Flying

How to Fly RC Airplanes

An Expensive Way to Create a Fireball
Video shows the fiery crash of a turbine jet powered RC airplane and the remains of the jet crash after the flames are put out.

RC Airplane Crash Videos
If you're already a little hesitant about putting your brand new RC airplane into the air, watching these videos isn't going to ease your fears any. I've brought together a few of the most impressive RC airplane crashes I've seen lately. Have a good time watching bad things happen to other people -- your time will come.

Funny Model Airplane Crash
This is a very quick clip because it was a very short flight.

Hit by RC Airplane
Did it hurt? The guy got up quickly enough afterward but I doubt it felt good. Some of the viewer comments are entertaining to read too.

Indoor Electric RC Stunt Airplane
Nick does some nifty slo-mo flying, a lot of it with the airplane flying vertically -- nose straight up -- and he licks it (yes, with his tongue).

RC Flight and Crash
At over 11 minutes it's a long time to be watching a little spec in the sky (much of the time) but at the end you can see what kind of a damage a relatively unspectacular crash can do to an RC.

RC Plane Explodes/Crashes
It's a mid-air explosion as this RC airplane fails to clear the power lines. Electrifying?

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