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Top 5 RC Airplane Crash Videos


As I view these videos on what seems to me how to crash a jet and look good doing it a new RC business idea comes to mind. How about RC plane insurance? They have it for the cars we drive today why not for the RC planes we fly? After watching these top RC airplane crashes I definitely think there's money to be made.

1. An Expensive Way to Create a Fireball

Frame from video of RC turbine jet crash by xiwanczyk
When I first saw this clip I thought "cool another jet video." Shortly into the video it wasn't cool because the person piloting this RC turbine powered jet lost control when the jet's steering system broke apart in mid-flight. Folks, when this happens it is not a good feeling but it was one heck of a pyrotechnic show for an ending. Watch to the end of the clip when the camera guy shows what's left of the jet -- not much at all -- while stomping out the flames on the ground.

2. Hey Mom, Look at Me. I Can Crash a Jet

Picking up the pieces. Frame from video of RC jet crash by KapteinKUK
At first glance this particular RC jet is pretty cool looking but where the turbine is it looks a little odd. I was truly amazed at the manuverabilty of this jet as it did a couple of low fly-bys but even more amazing was its ultimate demise. My jaw was left hanging after the crash. The kind people watching the show helped him pick up the wreckage. Now that's being true to the sport.

3. When the Air Traffic Controller Falls Asleep

Watching a large-scale RC bi-plane in flight is cool and all but in this short clip having a slight interuption -- like having another plane crash into you and take the bottom half off your plane in mid flight -- is the really cool part. For the guys that own the planes this can prove to be devastating, but for us viewers that's entertainment.

4. The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

This crash video has been my personal favorite for quite some time. It's a replica of a B-52 with a 23 foot wingspan, is 23 feet long, and weighs in at 330 pounds fully fueled. I can't even begin to imagine how much this RC cost to build but I'm sure it cost a lot to crash. Just to give you a hint on cost this RC had a total of 8 turbine jet engines which can be thousands of dollars each and my fellow RC friends -- that ain't cheap!

5. RC Insurance, Anyone?

Sometimes it's better to be a spectator and not the pilot of a $1500-$4000 RC jet plane. That old saying and law of physics what goes up must come down sometimes comes back to bite us. Some RC aircraft just decide to come down a little faster and harder than the rest as you'll see in this crash compilation. The last RC jet plane in this clip of RC misfortunes is the gruesomest of all ... nothing made it out alive.

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