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Tiniest Micro RC Airplanes

Super small indoor flyers


These are the smallest of the small. Tiny micro RC airplanes that can fly almost anywhere indoors. They may be tiny but they aren't necessarily designed for tiny fingers -- because of their delicate nature and cost. These are presented below roughly in order from Smallest to Largest (of the small).

Micro Butterfly

This Plantraco airplane has a super small 3.5" wingspan. The tiny 2-channel receiver provides throttle and rudder control. You can purchase it with or without a transmitter. Despite its size, Plantraco says it can even handle a little wind.

Carbon Butterfly

Carbon Butterfly Image Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Carbon Butterfly Image Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Weighing in at just 3 grams (that's about 0.1058 ounces), this is the carbon fiber version of Plantraco's Butterfly Livingroom Flyer. It comes in an aluminum briefcase along with the FMS flight simulator. This is no cheap toy. There is also a "just the plane" version where you supply your own transmitter.
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Kolibri Pocket Plane

The wings, tail, and landing gear clip on and off. About the size of the Carbon Butterfly, the Kolibri Pocket Plane can be purchased with or without the HFX900 transmitter.

Butterfly Livingroom Flyer

It's a whole 1 gram heavier than the Carbon Butterfly. The original Plantraco "briefcase airplane" flies in as little as 12'x16' of indoor space, comes with a briefcase, transmitter, and FMS flight simulator software. There is also a version without transmitter.


Another tiny RC airplane from Plantraco, this "recon drone" has a 4.5 inch wingspan and flies indoors and outdoors. It comes in Chevron and Ladybug styles with a 4-channel transmitter that has 6 selectable frequencies so multiple planes can fly together. You can purchase it with or without the HFX900 transmitter.
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