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Safety Issues and Rules for Responsible RC Aircraft Operation

Be a safe, courteous, and responsible RC owner and operator. Flying radio controlled aircraft including planes, helicopters, and blimps requires both commonsense and following certain ordinances and legal restrictions.

Control Your Aircraft Controller
Before you run your RC: Controller on first, aircraft on second. After you run your RC: Aircraft off first, controller off second.

Choose Safe RC Flying Area
Make sure you have enough room to fly your radio controlled airplane or helicopter.

Don't Fly on Windy Days
If it seems too windy outdoors to fly, it probably is…

Handle and Store Nitro Fuel Safely
Nitro fuel is highly flammable. Avoid open flames -- including smoking -- around nitro containers. Mark your container for identification.

RCPCA Guidelines
These aircraft guidelines for members of the Remote Control Aerial Photography Association are useful for all RC flyers. Includes pre-flight, in-flight, landing, and post-flight checklists and other recommendations for safe flying.

RCGroups Rules Discussion
This discussion of how much or how little regulation is necessary by a flying club includes a list of some common rules imposed on RC flying fields.

RC Helis Are Not Toys
In these RunRyder forum discussions members talk about various flying mishaps with helicopters as well as other RC aircraft.

Safety in the Workshop
The British Model Flying Association has safety advice in a PDF format rulebook for when you are building or working on your model RC aircraft including tips on handling fuels.

Safety in the Flying Field
These BMFA safety tips cover fuel, wind conditions, and equipment when you are flying your RC aircraft.

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