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Radio Controlled Blimps, Balloons, and Inflatable Airships

Blimps or non-rigid airships are the most common form of radio controlled dirigibles. These lighter-than-air (LTA) vehicles use helium to stay afloat and electric motors to maneuver. There are also radio controlled hot air balloons and specialty blimps for advertising and aerial photography. RC blimps come in both indoor and outdoor models and some hobbiests like to build their own radio controlled model airships.

Radio Controlled Blimps
Put the Goodyear blimp in your living room. These helium-filled radio controlled airships glide around your living room. Most are easy enough for kids 8 and above to operate.

Night Flight of an RC Airship
There's a hot air balloon night show going on and its captured from aloft by the on-board cameras of the RC blimp.

RC Airship Films Hot Air Balloons
The HDV on-board camera of a small electric RC airship records images from a hot air balloon show.

The RC blimps seen here are the large variety often used in stadiums for advertising.

Airship FAQ
Answers questions about the types of RC airships, including blimps and hot air balloons.

Mobile Airships Tradeshow Blimps
Put your message on an RC blimp and lead customers to your tradeshow booth. Optional attachment lets you drop coupons or other giveaways from the indoor blimp.

Model Balloon Radio Controlled Hot Air Balloons
They specialize in radio controlled hot air balloons for advertising and aerial photography.

RC Blimp Parts
Describes the common components of most radio controlled blimps.

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