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Radio Controlled Blimps


Blimps or non-rigid airships are the most common form of radio controlled dirigibles. These lighter-than-air (LTA) vehicles use helium to stay afloat and electric motors to maneuver. Most RC blimps have an envelope -- that's the helium-filled balloon part -- a gondola which houses the receiver and battery, motors which may be mounted on the gondola, and rudders.
Put the Goodyear blimp in your living room. These helium-filled radio controlled airships glide around your living room. Most are easy enough for kids 8 and above to operate.

Plantraco RC Blimps:

They call the Plantraco 900MHz Microblimp the "Wold's Smallest Micro Radio controlled Blimp." You'll need batteries and a helium tank, purchased separately. The Microblimp has two flying modes -- classic blimp mode and airplane mode.

The indoor Plantraco Tri-Turbofan Flying Blimp is larger than the Microblimp, comes in silver or white, and is available in 4 different 27Mhz band frequencies so you can fly up to four blimps at once. The balloons are interchangeable.

Draganfly RC Blimps:

Draganfly Mach II 2 Channel RC Blimps are affordable 2-channel RC blimps which include a large indoor Goodyear Blimp. They have a range of about 200 feet and come in 27MHz.

Among the indoor blimps in the Draganfly Mach III 3 Channel RC Blimps category are a star-spangled airship, the Goodyear blimp, and a flying saucer with helium filled balloon. Three independently controlled electric fans allow the blimps to go forward/backward, up/down, and turn left/right. Comes in 27MHz and 49MHz.

Megatech RC Blimps:

The Megatech Airship 1 / Area 51 Blimp 4-channel ready-to-fly RC blimps come in a set with a standard 36 inch long cigar-shape and a 26 inch diameter space ship version. They include lights with pre-programmed effects. Intended for indoor use, there's also a tether so you can fly outdoors on wind-free days. Comes in 27MHz and 49MHz frequencies.

The Megatech Party Blimp RC blimp is 36" long, comes with lights and sound effects, has a triple fan gondola system, 300-foot range, and comes with markers and stencils for personalization.

Interactive Toy Concepts RC Blimps:

The colorful Interactive Toy Concepts Blimp Bomber RC airship comes with lightweight bombs and a target you can place on the ground. It is an indoor flier with a range of around 100 feet. Its available in 27MHz and 49MHz and you'll need to get helium and batteries.
Compare PricesBlimp Bomber

Interactive Toy Concepts Goodyear Blimp is a 3 channel 51" RC indoor blimp with a range of up to 300 feet. Comes in 27MHz and 49MHz frequencies and requires helium, 9V battery, and CR123A 3V battery.
Compare PricesGoodyear Blimp

The Interactive Toy Concepts US Navy Blimp 51" 3-channel indoor blimp features and red, white, and blue nose and U.S. Navy across the side of the mylar balloon envelope. Available in 27MHz and 49 MHz frequencies you'll need to supply batteries and helium.

RaidenTech RC Blimps:

The RaidenTech blimps include a huge 2-channel 5 footer and several RC blimps with wireless cameras.
Compare Prices5-Footer RC Airship
Compare PricesRTF Indoor RC Blimp (no camera)
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