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Twin Peak AC/DC Dual Output Peak Detection Charger

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Twin Peak Dual Peak Charger

Twin Peak Dual Charger with 2 Battery Packs Charging

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The Bottom Line

The Twin Peak Dual Peak Detection Charger doubles the convenience of a quick battery charger. It's also highly versatile, working with multiple types of batteries and usable with both AC and DC power.


  • Charge two battery packs at once
  • Charges Ni-CD and Ni-MH batteries
  • AC/DC and receiver pack lead adapters
  • Ports for voltmeters to check charge status


  • DC charging takes a little longer than AC


  • Advanced peak detection circuitry to protect from overcharging
  • Allows charging of 4/5 cell reciver pack and 6/7 cell car pack at same time
  • Receiver pack charge lead adapter included
  • AC/DC power
  • 1 or 4 amp charge rate auto-selection
  • Dual votmeter jacks

Guide Review - Twin Peak AC/DC Dual Output Peak Detection Charger

The ability to charge two batteries at once cuts the waiting time. This is useful whether running RCs that run off dual battery packs, charging batteries for two vehicles, or to simply have one fully-charged battery pack in reserve at all times. Once one battery is dead, just put it on the charger and play with the other until it is run down. By that time, the other battery should be ready.

Dynamite's Twin Peak AC/DC Dual Output Peak Detection Charger is a versatile powerhouse accessory for RC owners. Easy to operate, it works with both Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery cells. Operating off either AC or DC you can take it with you anywhere. Running off DC, I noticed a slightly longer charge time but still faster than regular charging. The included voltmeter jacks let you check your charge status to be sure it's charging properly -- in case you're in a big hurry and want to know just how much longer you'll have to wait for a full charge.

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