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RC Boat & Sub Videos

On, in, or under water these RCs prove that the hobby is not all about cars, trucks, and airplanes. Watch videos of electric and nitro racers, cruisers, subs, and even RC sharks.

Megatech Ocean Explorer-1 Submarine
The short clips only show some of the great features this RC sub has to offer. For the price I personally think Megatech’s Ocean Explorer-1 sub can provide hours of fun in the pool or a fish tank.

Sea Scout Micro RC Submarine
This palm-size 5" sub comes ready-to-run with a three channel remote. Available in 27MHz and 49MHz models, you can operate one of each at the same time. Three separate motors control the action: left, right, forward, backward, diving, and surfacing. Watch it in action (my wife has one and it really is a cool little sub).

AquaCraft Gallery and Video
Watch slideshows of various AquaCraft models or watch the videos of several RC boats.

Radio Waves RC Surfer
This little action stunt Surfer is quite amazing to watch. Riding the wave and performing jumps is only the beginning.

RCUVideos.com Boats
Watch user-submitted videos of RC boats. Browse the most recent additions and top rated videos.

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