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How to Fly RC Airplanes and Helicopters

They make it look easy in videos and movies, but just like flying real aircraft, RC flying takes patience and practice. Learn techniques for launching your RC airplanes and helicopters, keeping them in the air, and safely landing back on the ground. Become an expert in RC flying.
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  4. How to Fly RC Helicopters (10)

RC Flight Simulators Simplify Learning to Fly
Staying in the air is not easy. It takes practice. Flight — including RC flying — is a gravity-defying feat that requires patience. RC flight simulation software helps you learn to fly safely without risking your new RC plane or helicopter. Learn to fly virtually before you fly your RC plane or helicopter out in the real world.

Crash Etiquette
Here's what to do and not do when another pilot crashes his RC plane.

How to Get Started in RC Night Flying
Before you try to take off at night, find out what special considerations and techniques are necessary.

What is RC Night Flying?
Real aircraft fly at night. How about flying your RC under cover of darkness. Learn how it's done.

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