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RC Gadgets

Not all radio controlled toys are easily classified as cars, planes, or boats. Although robotics are a class of their own, some robots cross over into the RC gadget arena. Look here for a selection of RC gadgets and geeky toys for children and adults that aren't traditional radio controlled vehicles.

Cool RC Robot Toys
One of the hottest sort of radio controlled gadget is the robot and there are some pretty cool RC robots just waiting to strut their stuff and take your commands. From robotic animals to sci-fi characters and superheroes, there's a robot toy for everyone.

Scary RC Animals and Insects
A lot of toys and novelty items meant to surprise or scare are activated by a button or motion-sensor and they have pre-programmed movements or sound. But wouldn't it be fun if you were the one controlling the action? Send unsuspecting visitors, family members, or co-workers scampering when one of these RC spiders, rats, or other radio controlled creatures crosses their path.

Remote Control Dinosaurs
Build Jurassic Park in your backyard with remote controlled robotic dinosaurs. These RC dinosaurs can walk and run and respond to sights and sounds they encounter. Some varieties can interact with each other or with other robots in the same family. Use the remote control to have the RC dinosaur perform a variety of actions, go on the hunt, explore, or stand guard.

Robosapien Robot - Gadgeteer Review
In her review, Julie Strietelmeier says this remote control robot is a ton of fun for kids and adults.

At the official Web site read the manual, see the commercial, and learn about this awesome little RC robot through the FAQ.

Watch the QuickTime commerical and find out where to buy this robotic reptile - cousin to the Robosapien.

Gizmodo: Robots
Keep up with all the news in fun robotics including RC-type gadgetry.

Jimmy Neutron Radio Control K-9 Goddard Deluxe Robotic Dog
This epinions.com user review gives the canine RC 4 high marks for durability.

Zibits RC Robots
Zibits from Senario are tiny little RC robots that can race, spin, and make sounds. They come in 12 versions (4 Junk Bots, 4 Urban Techs, and 4 Vintage Techs). And if running around on a tabletop is too boring, you can also get accessories that consist of tracks and spirals for your robots to navigate. There's also a story behind each...

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