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While many magazines devote themselves almost exclusively to airplanes, helicopters, and boats, for beginner to professional RC enthusiasts interested mostly in cars and trucks, there are only a few major publications that focus primarily on reviews and tutorials of RC land vehicles.

RC Driver Magazine

RC Driver Magazine image courtesy of Magazines.com

Although I've been a big fan of RC Car Action magazine for years, I think RC Driver Magazine surpasses them in their coverage of latest trends and current RC vehicles. They also offer a greater variety of both beginner and professional RC enthusiast tips, tricks, and tutorials. Published monthly, they cover all types of RCs but primarily focus on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and dune buggies.

Radio Control Car Action

Radio Control Car Action
Radio Control Car Action Magazine Image Courtesy of magazines.com

Still one of my favorites, RC Car Action is more for the intermediate to professional RC enthusiast. Content is geared more toward advanced techniques for tune-ups, mods, and upgrades. They have great reviews of the latest RC vehicles, including tech specs.

Xtreme RC Cars Magazine

Xtreme RC Cars Magazine
Xtreme RC Cars Magazine

This monthly magazine has reviews, tutorials, and tips geared toward professional RC topics and racing. Many readers of this site swear by this publication.

R/C Car Magazine

R/C Car Magazine
R/C Car Magazine Image Courtesy of PriceGrabber

Geared a lot toward racing, this monthly magazine does seem to focus exclusively on cars not airplanes or other RC Vehicle types. Not really for the novice, the tips and tutorials lean towards intermediate and advanced topics.

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