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RC Off-Road Truck Videos

Watch the dirt-spewing, hill-climbing action of off-road RC monster trucks, big rigs, and stadium trucks in these professional and amateur videos. Wondering how the Revo, Rustler, T-Maxx, or Stampede really perform? Find out as pros and new owners put them through their paces.

HPI Savage X Chases Dogs
Instead of chasing cars, the tables are turned when a nitro Savage X RC starts chasing the dogs in this RC off-road truck video.

Top Videos of Off-Road RC Truck Jumps and Stunts
Here are some great videos to give you an RC Track and Field view of what big air, bashing, flips, and big distance jumps are all about.

Homemade Rock Crawler
A uniquely built homemade rock crawling RC truck climbs hills of grass and rock.

HPI Savage on Skate Ramps
HPI Savage is getting some decent air on some bmx/skate ramps.

Nitro Truck Catching Air
Watch a nitro truck doin' some big airtime jumps - a 20 second clip.

RC Nitro Truck Jumps and Flips
A RC nitro truck doing big airtime and a few backflips off a homemade ramp.

RC Truck Bash
Evaders, Revo, and T-Maxx doing some weekend running around and some jumping. In this 9 minute video a Traxxas Revo 3.3 , a T-Maxx 3.3, and 2 Duratrax Nitro Evader ST's climb dirt hills, jump homemade ramps, and run circles around each other.

Rocket-Powered RC
An RC truck gets a power boost for a couple of rockets.

Team Associated Monster GT and HPI Savage
A Team Associated Monster GT and an HPI Savage driving around in a grassy backyard. A little hill climbing, flipping over, and some nice jumps show a little off-track, real world kind of use.

Traxxas E-Maxx - Rocket-Powered
This fellow strapped some model rocket engines to the E-Maxx and hooked the gear shift servo to activate the charge. Watch it zip across dirt and grass spewing smoke.

Traxxas E-Maxx Takes Over Carpool Duties
A Traxxas E-Maxx shows off its power as it pulls a couple of kids around in a wagon.

Traxxas Revo 3.3 Flips Out
A little repetitive but if you're new to RCs and want a simple trick to try, watch as this Revo uses a tree to do flips.

Traxxas Nitro Rustler Does A High Jump Over 3 Cars
A Traxxas Nitro Rustler is put to the test as the RC driver attempts to jump over three real cars that are lined up bumper to bumper.

Traxxas Stampede Does High Jumps
Traxxas Stampede with a brushless motor setup does some massive air jumps and has a few rough landings.

Twin Engine Monster Truck
This little monster truck has an awesome twin engine setup that gives it the ability to tackle even the toughest of off-road terrains.

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