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Top 8 Videos of Off-Road RC Truck Jumps and Stunts


The things we do when we are toally bored out of our mind... Or, just looking to impress some friends... Driving around in circles and climbing hills is fine and all, but to really get a thrill or impress buddies you've got to pull off some really big jumps and end over end over end flipping. Here are some great videos to give you an RC Track and Field view of what big air, bashing, flips, and big distance jumps are all about.

1. Savage Aims High

Crashes, spills, rumbles, tumbles, and massive airtime jumps -- this great video has it all. Showing what RC jumping is about, there's great music to listen to while you watch an HPI Savage perform numerous high-flying jumps off ramps, and dirt hills.

2. Rustler Does the Long Jump

The Traxxas Rustler in the video has some high perfomance parts added for it to be able to perform a super high jump over 3 real automobiles lined up bumper to bumper.

3. Rustler Ramps Up for Big Air

This electric Traxxas Rustler with a GTB brushless motor setup can run with the big dogs of RC racing. Here is a very short video of the Rustler doing some massive air jumps, first over a pickup truck then he attempts to take a crack at jumping a storage shed.

4. The Big Bridge Jump

Launching an RC truck off a 50 ft bridge is totally insane but in the same sense it is really wicked to see. And only a few pats come loose -- nothing broke broke from this amazing jump.

5. Big and Bigger Air

After a few attempts and some minor repairs this 1:5 scale RC Baja buggy was catching some major air and completes a 40 foot jump (and kicks dirt in celebration).

6. Who Needs a Skateboard?

This little monster truck is having some back-flipping fun down at the skate park. Pulling some amazing back-flips off of a half-pipe ramp.

7. 4 Wheels Beat 3 Wheels

Here is a short clip of a Monster GT .21 doing some big air jump over a three-wheel ATV. This clip also has great video quality and a slamming soundtrack.

8. Jumping Off the Roof Would Be Too Easy

Here is a clip of a RC driver using a nitro-powered monster truck to do some big air rooftop jumping. After a few atempts he finally pulls it off.

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