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1:36 Team Losi Micro-T Electric Stadium Truck


The Team Losi Micro-T is tiny but it packs plenty of power into its small body. Take a look at the Micro-T, including under the hood, to see how it stacks up against other hobby-grade electric RC vehicles.
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Team Losi Micro-T1:36 Team Losi Micro-T Electric Stadium TruckPint-sized Micro-T is dwarfed by its full-size controller.Micro-T With Controller Head-on Shot of Micro-TMicro-T from the FrontTeam Losi Micro-TMicro-T Sideview
Tiny recessed on/off switch on bottom of Micro-TOn/Off Switch on Micro-TTurnbuckles on the Micro-TMicro-T TurnbucklesAdjust the camber on the Micro-TAdjustable Camber on the Micro-TClose Up of Adjustable Parts on Micro-TAdjustable Gears and Shocks on the Micro-T
Micro-T body without the wing on backBody of Micro-TMicro-T without bodyMicro-T Without Body

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