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Where are the Best Places to Use an RC Submarine?


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Question: Where are the Best Places to Use an RC Submarine?
RC submarines operate primarily below the surface of the water. The best places to use an RC submarine might be the water in an aquarium, a bathtub, a swimming pool, a pond, a lake, or even the ocean. The size of your sub and the quality of the water all help determine the best bodies of water to use an RC submarine.
Answer: Because the sub is underwater, the best place to use an RC submarine is in clear, see-through water. And as long as the RC sub is below the surface you can have fun. It doesn't have to go deep.

If the water is too dark or too deep it could limit your enjoyment. Salt, chlorine, and other suspended particles in the water reduce radio reception. For the best radio reception (and thus better control) of your RC submarine, clear water is best. A clean aquarium, not-too-heavily chlorinated pool, or a freshwater lake that is free of debris and suspended particles are ideal. Although some RC subs may have a range of 15 to 25 feet or more, keeping your sub around a depth of 5-6 feet or so provides plenty of excitement and minimizes the risk of losing it to the dark depths of a lake or river.

Size Matters

If you don't have ready access to a pool or other larger body of water, consider getting a micro RC submarine that can fit in a medium to large aquarium or even a full bathtub. You can enjoy your sub without ever leaving home.

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