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How Fast Are RC Submarines?


Question: How Fast Are RC Submarines?
When it comes to RC submarines, you don't want an underwater rocket. What you're trying most likely to do is go for realism in appearance and movements. But if it moves too slow, some RC submarine captains may get bored.
Answer: Toy-grade RC submarines can, for the most part, get up and go but it is not fast enough to go throwing rooster tails out of the water, as is the same for hobby-grade as well. Subs are generally about stealth so you really don't want to be leaving a wake like a powerboat, do you?

RC submarines with dynamic diving systems, by the nature of how the system works, need speed in order to dive so they may tend to be faster -- and need to be faster -- than other subs. Bob at www.rc-sub.com suggests that "a good average is a fast walking pace at full throttle." If you want to increase your stealth ability -- sneaking up on unsuspecting swimmers or RC boats, then you'll want an RC submarine with a static diving system that can go very slow and surface without making a big splash.

Hobby-grade kits are upgradeable so if speed is what you want then upgrade the motor. But keep in mind that because submarines operate underwater, a sub that goes too fast could tend to get lost too soon. However, a more powerful motor may help your sub navigate stronger currents better than less powerful or stock motors.

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