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Radio Controlled Toys and Gadgets

For kids and kids-at-heart, get your RC kicks with basic radio controlled cars and trucks, aircraft, boats, and robotics. From blinking lights to racing on tabletops and performing stunts, this class of RC entertains and fascinates youngsters and beginners of all ages. There are simple, colorful RC toys for toddlers and more complex and educational RC toys and gadgets for teens and adults.
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Your RC Toy Gadgets
Show off your fun, unusual, or quirky RC toys. Whether it flies up and down, does loops, tranforms, climbs the walls, or does tricks and speaks, we want to hear about -- and see -- your radio controlled toy gadgets, gizmos, and oddball vehicles.

How to Choose Radio Control Toys
To help avoid making a bad buy when choosing radio control toys there are a few specific steps you can take.

UFO vs. RC in the Sky
Some UFO sightings might be a attributed to a radio controlled flying toy. At night or seen from a distance, someone unfamiliar with RCs could be fooled or confused. Sometimes the operator may be intentionally trying to perpetuate a UFO hoax, perhaps by outfitting an RC with glowing lights or making some other fool the eye modifications. Or, it might just be a case of mistaken identity. He…

Kids Can Build Their Own RC
It's always fun when you can combine radio controlled vehicles with another activity that kids love -- and make it educational too. LEGOS, those plastic building blocks that provide endless hours of entertainment make building your own RC a snap. Elenco and Learning Resources also have cool construction sets that allow novice mechanics from 4 to 16 to experience the fun of building their own car without any automotive expertise.

RC Surveillance Vehicles
The government, business, and scientists use cameras and RC airplanes and helicopters for aerial photography, surveillance, and other noble pursuits. But there are ways for individuals to combine cameras and RC vehicles for both practical and entertaining uses around the home.

Da Vinci Inspired Vehicle Models
A listing of six Da Vinci inspired models for the RC builder, homeschooler, or education aficionado.

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