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Flytech Dragonfly from WowWee is one of the Toy Retailers Association's "Dream Dozen" for the 2007 holiday season. It is, by far, the most entertaining of all the RCs I own. The dual settings of beginner or expert mode make the Dragonfly suitable for both novice and more experienced flyers and let you start slow and improve over time. Not only is it easy to fly, the Dragonfly has a unique look. It flaps its wings like a real insect, has a buzzing noise, and LED eyes that light up during flight.
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Green Dragonfly held aloft.Green Flytech DragonflyThe Wow Wee Flytech Dragonfly with Controller.Flytech Dragonfly with ControllerDragonfly sitting on its combination controller / charger.Flytech Dragonfly on Charger/ControllerLight Up Eyes on Flytech Dragonfly.Dragonfly Eyes Lit Up
Closeup of open wings of Dragonfly.Dragonfly Wings OpenCloseup of a set of Dragonfly wings.Dragonfly WingsDragonfly captured in mid-flight.Dragonfly in FlightThe Dragonfly soars through the air.Dragonfly in Sky
Dragonfly in mid-flight with wings spread.Dragonfly with Spread WingsThe Dragonfly is at the mercy of the person at the controls.Dragonfly Crash

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