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RC Videos, Video Clips, Pictures, and Slide Shows

Before you buy, check out how a variety of electric and nitro RC cars, trucks, aircraft, and boats perform in RC videos and pictures from both manufacturers and users like you. From slick productions with sound and great graphics to homemade movies and digital snapshots of varying quality - check out this RC videos action.
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Be an RC Biker
Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, if you're getting a little bored with four wheels, put an RC bike on your birthday or Christmas wish list. Not sure? Let these videos convince you.

Wheelie Poppin' Fun
Almost every RC truck owner likes to pop a wheelie now and then. Even beginners can do wheelies. And with practice and the right RC, some drivers can do almost all their driving on two wheels (and I'm not talking about RC motorcycles either). Watch a few monster trucks do some monster wheelies.

Creativity Counts
We all know when it comes to the RC hobby we all have to start somewhere. So I have put together a few choices of RC video clips to express this aspect of the hobby we've all come to enjoy and love.

Yeah, It's Funny But...
The lesson to learn from these funny RC videos is that what looks funny on film might not be so funny if it happens to you. Safety First. Watch these videos of RC action then cast your vote for what all three have in common.

RC Racing Down Memory Lane
From 'hand-powered' off-roading to the feeling of 'Darn it! I forgot to charge the batteries,' this selection of RC videos give great examples of what we all deal with on a daily basis. Watch the videos then vote in poll and tell us what you think all six RC videos have in common.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like an RC Christmas
I've rounded up three diverse RC videos that show some ways to have fun with RCs. But what else could an RC hummer, an RC bi-plane, and a Blade CX2 RC helicopter have in common? Watch and vote.

Put a Camera on Your RC
The government, business, and scientists use cameras and RC airplanes and helicopters for aerial photography, surveillance, and other noble pursuits. But there are ways for individuals to combine cameras and RCs for both practical and entertaining uses around the home.

Extreme Wild RC Videos
Watch on-road and off-road cars and trucks, airplanes, helicopters, and boats make spectacular jumps, flips, and spins, crash and burn, rock and roll, and show off the good and bad side of RC racing.

Kyosho Movie Download
Watch WMV or Quicktime movies of a variety of Kyosho RC vehicles including planes, trucks, and an RC robot.

RC Universe Member Videos
RC owners post their own videos of their RC cars, planes, helicopters, and boats in action.

RCUVideos.com Motorcycles
It's RC action on two wheels in these videos of radio controlled motorcycles.

RCUVideos.com RC Combat
RCs battle it out in simulated combat.

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