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Handle and Store Nitro Fuel Safely

Operating Your RC Safely


Use, Handle, and Store Nitro Fuel Safety

Use, Handle, and Store Nitro Fuel Safety

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Fueling: Nitromethane or nitro fuel is highly flammable. Just as you shouldn't smoke while fueling the family car, avoid smoking and open flames around the nitro fuel for your RC. When fueling your nitro RC, wipe up any spills and properly dispose of fuel-soaked rags.

Handling: At the park or track it's common to carry fuel in a quick-fill bottle. To insure that you don't get your fuel mixed up with someone else's (who might be running a different mixture) label your fuel bottle with your name. If you're running multiple RCs with different fuel mixtures, color-code your bottles to avoid mix-ups.

Storage: As with gas cans stored at home, store your nitro fuel away from open flames (next to the hot water heater with its lit pilot light is not a good storage idea). Keep the container tightly capped to avoid evaporation. Don't store nitro fuel in a damp location either as the fuel attracts moisture and water in the fuel will render it weak and could be harmful to your nitro engine.

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