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Carrera (from a Spanish word for "racing") has been around since 1963 when they produced their first 1:32 scale racetrack. Just a few years later the larger "Carrera 124" appeared. Up until 1999 it was a family-run company, started by Josef Neuhierl and his son Hermann. Today they are on the leading edge of advancements in the slot car hobby, producing both analog and digital versions of favorite NASCAR and Formula 1 racers, muscle cars, sports cars, and unique Limited edition cars. They also produce replacement parts and upgrades for this large assortment of slot cars.
Orginating in Germany, Carrera operates around the world. In 2005 "Carrera of America, Inc." opened. In 2006 the first Carrera World Championship race was held.

Carrera Exclusiv:

The Exclusiv series (often misspelled as Exclusive) grew from the "Carrera 124" line and is aimed at teens, adults, and hobbyists from 10 years old and up. These are 1:24 scale slot cars that include Limited Edition collectible cars.
  • Carrera Exclusiv Super Grand Tourisme Slot Car Set is a 1:24 scale set with wide tracks for power slides. It comes with a Corvette and a Ferrari, electronic speed controllers, and parts for a 21.65 foot track.
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  • Carrera Exclusiv Custom Rods Slot Car Set includes 1934 and 1941 high performance hot rods plus track and accessories.
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There is also a Digital 124 upgrade kit for the Exclusiv series. The Exclusiv and DIGITAL 124 are the high end slot car offerings from Carrera. The line even has its own Web site: Carrera Exclusiv "toys for big boys" (in German).

Carrera Evolution:

Offering tracks that both 1:24 and 1:32 scale cars can use, the wide tracks have plenty of room for power slides and drifting. This series is suitable for ages 8 and up, child to enthusiast.
  • Carrera Evolution Petty Racing Slot Car Set offers a Plymouth Superbird and a Ford Torino in 1:32 scale plus parts for a 19 2/3 foot track.
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  • Carrera Evolution series - The Fast and the Furious Slot Car Set is a pair of 1:32 scale cars with track.
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  • Carrera Evolution series Cruzin' Slot Car Set is a 1:32 scale set with a Ford Mustang GT 2005 and Chevrolet Corvette C6 along with a 24.3 foot track and 2 speed controllers.
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  • Carrera Evolution Massive Power Electric Slot Car Set is a basic track with the Plymouth Road Runner and the Plymouth Superbird muscle cars. Track system is 1:24 scale and cars are 1:32 scale.
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Other Carrera Evolution sets include Cool Rods, Formula One Racing, and Street Dreams each with a pair of slot cars and approximately 15 to 20 feet of track (varies by set). A Digital 132 upgrade kit is available for Evolution.

Carrera GO!!!:

Developed in 2001, Carrera GO starter systems are 1:43 scale aimed at ages 6 and up. Each set includes "Turbo Speed" controllers for an extra burst of speed. In addition to models of real NASCAR racers, the GO series includes MarioKart, Speed Racer, and Batman cars. Compare Prices


Carrera make a huge assortment of accessories to add to the vast line of all-in-one kits both wired and wireless.
  • Carrera Economy Controllers inlcude 45 and 25 OHM basic slot car controllers.
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  • Carrera Slot Car Wireless Pro-X Set lets you experience the freedom of no wires. Use this wireless accessory set with any Evolution Pro-X, Evolution, or Exclusiv race tracks. Allows selection of up to 4 different frequencies on the controller for use with up to four cars. Offers infrared or standard modes.
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  • Carrera Digital Pro-X Controller is a 1:32 scale controller for digital race sets.
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Carrera Digital:

In the digital slot car hobby, Carrera has jumped in with both feet. One of the many features of their digital systems is the ability to race up to six vehicles on a two lane digital system track. This feature makes it possible for more racing action. Instead of waiting your turn on a traditional two-lane track, up to sixe drivers can get into the racing action all at once. Laps, best lap times, and virtual pit stops (simulated fueling, tire change, mechanical problems) are recorded with the digital system.
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The Digital 124 can race up to 4 of their 1:24 digital cars on one track and are compatible with the analog Exclusiv Series.

With the Digital 132 series combines 1:32 cars with a track system that accepts 1:24 and 1:32 scale digital cars -- up to 6 on one track. The Digital 132 cars are also downward compatible with the analog Evolution Pro-X and Pro-X from 2004 on.

And the Digital 143 line puts up to 3 1:43 scale digital cars on the track at once. Like the GO series, the Digital 143 line is suitable for ages 6 and up.

On its own or installed on your PC the racing action is more realistic with the additional software in the all-in-one digital racing kits. Lane changes are possible by a single switch on the hand held wired or the new wireless controllers in conjunction with the special digital lane changing section on the track, which sends a signal to the slot car’s digital circuitry so now it is possible to get around those racers going a tad bit slower.

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