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Control Your RC in a Virtual Sky With Flight Simulation Software

Fly, Hover, Soar, and Crash On-Screen As You Learn


Screen from ClearView RC Flight Simulator Demo

Screen from ClearView RC Flight Simulator Demo

RC flight simulation software comes with models of RC airplanes and flying sites that help you virtually recreate RC flying conditions. But part of the RC flying experience is the tools you use the control the aircraft — your radio controller.

Simulate an RC Plane Controller

If you use FMS or other RC flying software that supports it, I suggest using a controller that has two analog joysticks like those found on a PlayStation. These operate more like the controllers for real RC planes and helicopters. The game pad controllers are around $15-$20 in the electronics and games department at your local retail stores.

Some of these RC flight simulators will also work with your own RC controller as long as your controller has connections for an interface cable (such as USB or serial) that connects the controller to your computer. Others come with real transmitter controllers or cable adapters for various types of transmitters.

Or, you can go to your local hobby store to buy a training controller which has its own training software for flying RC planes. RealFlight Flight Simulators by Great Planes come with thousands of miles of flying fields, flight recording and playback features, add-ons for more aircraft and flying sites, and an InterLink Plus controller that acts as your RC aircraft controller or can be connected to your own transmitter. It has a demo version that is controlled by your computer keyboard. Not great for real flight practice, but it lets you sample the software. Check out it and other RC Airplane Flight Simulators.

Simulated vs. Real RC Flight

Flight simulation software doesn't guarantee you'll never fly too low or fly too high. It won't totally eliminate all crashes. But it is one way to help you get more enjoyment from your RC flying experience by giving you more confidence, some "safe" practice, and allowing you to get comfortable with controlling an RC airplane. When you do take-off on your first real RC flight you'll be better acquainted with how to control your RC plane or helicopter.

Virtual Flight, Real Fun

RC flight simulators, just like RC racing software, aren't just for learning how to use your RC plane or helicopter. During breaks at the office, after dark, or on rainy or windy days when you can't fly the real thing, crank up your RC flight simulator for some real virtual flying fun.
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