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Helicopter Games

Find a Helicopter Game or an RC Helicopter Flight Simulator


Looking for a helicopter game? Here's plenty to choose from. Whether you just want to have some fun or you want to learn what it's like to fly a helicopter -- without really having one -- try one of these helicopter games. Includes RC flight simulators for radio controlled helicopter fun. There are helicopter games to play online, download to your computer, use on a gaming console, or even on your phone.

RC Helicopter Flight Simulators

ClearView RC Flight Simulator Software by SVK Systems - Screenshot
ClearView RC Flight Simulator Software by SVK Systems - Screenshot
Some are free. Some aren't. Designed for safely learning how to control and fly radio controlled helicopters, they're fun to play as helicopter games too. 14 in all (don't miss page 2).

Fly the Copter - Helicopter Game from Seethru Zine

Seethru Zine Helicopter Game
Seethru Zine Helicopter Game - Screenshot
Although you'll find this helicopter game posted on many blogs, I'm going to the source. Developed by David McCandless and Leandro Barrreto, you use your mouse button (click and hold to go up, release to go down) to fly over or under obstacles. Very tricky. While it might not teach you how to fly real or RC helicopters, it can help you develop quick mouse button reflexes.

RC Heli Lite - Indoor RC Racing on iPhone (Free)

RC Heli Lite
Screenshot by M. James

This is the iPhone game that sold me on the idea of playing RC games on a cell phone. If you're not sure that controlling an RC helicopter in a semi-realistic manner is possible on the iPHone, try out the free version of RC Heli.

RC Heli - Indoor Racing for iPhone (Paid Apps)

RC Heli iPhone App
RC Heli iPhone App - Screenshot

With this app you can race an RC helicopter through a 3-story house. I love this game. It has very realistic controls and a realistic environment too (including an fan that will blow you around if you get too close). I'm getting the new Gold version which adds more environments and a 4 channel helicopter. I'll be reviewing the paid versions (standard and gold) soon.

HeliFlyer - iPhone Helicopter Sim / Game

Heliflyer iPhone Game
HeliFlyer iPhone App - Screenshot
It's a good concept with lots of options but it is not as responsive as it could be. HeliFlyer wants to be an RC helicopter flight sim for the iPhone and it does offer plenty of flying modes with increasing levels of difficulty and realism. However, it just doesn't quite measure up to RC Heli for iPhone in my opinion.

Helicopter Games

For one stop fun, you'll find several helicopter games here along with instructions on how to play each one. There's Bump Copter 2, Heli Attack 3, Sky Chopper and more. Several of these helicopter games feature shooting objects or other helicopters -- while also flying your own chopper.

Alpha Bravo Charlie Helicopter Game and More

Go on an Army mission with Alpha Bravo Charlie. Or choose another Helicopter Game from the sidebar including Heli Attack 2 or 3, Crazy Chopper, or Heli Racer -- which is a simply racing game with many courses and skill levels.

Make Your Own Game With Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle Set

Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle Set
Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle Set Image © M. James
The Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle from Spin Master comes with two Havoc micro helicopters for double the fun. These special RC helicopters are equipped with infrared receivers and transmitters and firing buttons on the controller so that two people can not only fly together, they can try to shoot each other out of the air.

Agetec RC Helicopter for PlayStation

Have a PlayStation? There are several RC helicopter games for PS including this classic. Look for it at your local video game store or buy online.
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R/C Stunt Copter for PlayStation

For 1 to 2 players, it's a PS classic. Look for it at your local video game store or buy online.
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