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How Do I Find a Local RC Club?


Question: How Do I Find a Local RC Club?
Joining an RC club in your area is not a prerequisite for enjoying the hobby of radio controlled vehicles but it is a great way to meet other RC hobby enthusiasts. And RC clubs often have access to RC tracks or airfields not available to non-members.
Use these resources to find RC clubs for cars, trucks, aircraft, and watercraft.
Answer: Associates at your local hobby shop can usually point you to a local RC club. The stores are often actively involved in any organization devoted to radio controlled vehicles through RC club or race sponsorship or providing tracks or airfield space.

Store associates are often members of local RC clubs and can give you contact and meeting information. Also, check the Website for your local hobby shop for links to local RC clubs.

Use these online resources to find listings for local RC clubs:

Find Clubs for All RC Types

Find Clubs for RC Cars and Trucks

  • ROAR Track Locator
    In the US and Canada, use the track finder to find both clubs and tracks for RC cars and trucks.

  • NR/CPTA Clubs
    Scroll through a list of RC Truck Pulling and Monster Truck Racing clubs in the US.

  • QSAC Tracks & Clubs
    Find US clubs and tracks devoted to quarter scale RC vehicles.

  • HPI Europe Tracks & Clubs
    Scroll down to find a list of RC car clubs in the UK.

Find Clubs for RC Airplanes and Helicopters

Find Clubs for RC Boats and Subs

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