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Things to Do With Old or Broken Radio Controlled Toys

Recycling RCs


The most obvious and most useful way to recycle old RC toys is to use them for spare parts. Take the wheels or propellers or the controller or other bits and pieces and reuse them to fix other broken RCs. Or use the parts to build a new RC. But some radio controlled toys simply don't have parts that lend themselves well to reuse. You could chunk it. Or, get creative.

Place Setting Car(d) Holders

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Working or not, use a bunch of mini or micro RC toys in place of place cards at a family gathering or party. Write the guest's name on the windshield with a silver marker. Or print names on little strips of paper and attach to the car antenna. Let the guests take their personalized place car(d)s home with them.

Room Decor

Take old radio controlled airplanes or helicopters and hang them from the ceiling. Use string or nylon fishing line and tie it to at least three points on the aircraft. String up a collection of planes hung at different angles to look like aerial combat.

Pencil Cup

Take a bunch of worn out tires from your hobby RC and instead of gluing them to the rims, stack 'em up and glue 'em to each other. Then Add a piece of cardboard on the bottom and you've got a unique pencil cup for your desk.


Use a matching or mismatched set of cars -- XMODS size or larger -- as bookends. And if they are holding up your collection of RC books and magazines, that's even better.

Paper Weight

A small RC car about 3 inches long or so makes a colorful and unique paperweight.


For a cheap, fun trophy to award at your next backyard RC sports game or bashing competition, mount a small RC car or truck on top of a piece of painted wood. You could even spray paint the base and car a metallic gold or silver.


Don't want to turn the family car into an art car? Use an old RC. Bring out your inner artist and go wild with paint and glitter and ribbon. Glue on buttons or feathers or cheap party favors. Anything goes. Then proudly display your work of art on the mantle or give it away as a gag gift at the office holiday party.
Oddball Things to Do With an RC
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