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Military Tanks and Armored Vehicles

What could be better than commanding your own heavy armor battalion? RC tanks, humvees and APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers) are out there and waiting for some backyard combat action. Some RC vehicles can actually fire BBs so use caution when purchasing your next RC military vehicle.

RC Tanks Basics
While military aircraft are the glamour vehicles of the RC hobby, tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other tracked and wheeled ground vehicles used in the world's armed forces also provide hours of radio controlled entertainment. The majority of RC tanks are sold as toys but there is an active segment of RC enthusiasts who build their own RC...

RC Tank Features
Not all RC tanks will have all these features, but this list represents some of the things to look for when considering purchasing an RC tank.

R/C Tank Combat - Big Guns of the RC Battlefield
RC Tank Combat uses large-scale radio controlled tanks and other armored vehicles that shoot paintballs. The Maryland Attack Group site offers news, batttle reports, how-to articles, and a video archive.

Shocking RC Tank Action Set
Not for the young, Jumpin' Banana combines radio control action with two shock levels -- get hit, lose a life, and get an electric shock through your controller.

Commando Challenge
This pair of RC tanks from Interactive Toy Concepts feature lights, smoke, and recoils and include an action figure that "explodes out of the turret" after a tank takes its fourth hit.

R/C Tank Combat Tanks
View specs, pictures, and sometimes detailed descriptions of a variety of tanks used in RC paintball combat.

Antics Online Radio Control Tanks
Find tanks from palm-size to much larger. This UK company also has jeeps, all kinds of tanks, and supplies for RC military equipment.

BackyardArtillery.com Radio Controlled Tanks
Choose your target carefully… from actual projectiles to lasers, these tanks and missile launchers, pack a punch. Get some plastic army men too to complete our battlefield.

HobbyTron RC Tanks
Outfit your ground troops with these RC tanks, jeeps, and other various war machines featuring real treads, flashing lights, and foam missiles.

Kyosho Pocket Armour
Small in size but big on realism, these little tanks can climb 45 degree slopes and come ready to do battle - just add batteries.

Raiden Tech RC Tanks
Browse a selection of moderately priced camuflage RC tanks.

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