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Essential RC Tools

What to Put in Your RC Toolbox


RCs Need Small Tools

RCs need little screwdrivers and little wrenches

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Almost every RC beginner is overwhelmed at the thought of making repairs to their RCs. Even deciding what RC tools they need can be a mind-boggling task. Don't be discouraged. Use this RC tools and supplies break-down to help you determine what RC tools you need to fit the type of maintenance and repair tasks that you'll be tackling.

Basic RC Tools
Everybody needs these basics. These common tools are must-haves for making basic adjustments and replacements of frequently worn-out parts.

Standard RC Tools
This particular setup adds easier-to-use tools such as cordless electrical/electronic equipment and other extras that help simplify common and some less common repairs and troubleshooting tasks. This setup should satisfy all but the most hardcore, do-it-yourself RC owner.

The Works! Ultimate RC Tool Box
WARNING. You may need to own a truck to carry this tool box around. Just joking! This setup speaks for itself. If money is no object and you live by the phrase "I want it all and I want it now!" then this is what you want. This tool setup covers pretty much everything you need to cover for any type of situation.

Essential RC Supplies
Depending in part on the type of vehicle you own, there are a number of supplies that belong in every tool box such as tire glue and extra batteries. Be sure to stock your tool box with these consumables.

Repairing your RC can be a fun learning experience when you have the right RC tools and one of these categories should be just right for you. Now there are plenty of tools not covered here that some serious hobbiests might need if they are heavy into professional RC racing, building their own RCs from scratch, and painting RC bodies, but for most RC enthusiasts these are the more general purpose tools needed.

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