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The Works! The Ultimate RC Toolbox

What the Hardcore RC Hobbiest Needs and Wants


Now comes the greatest set of RC tools of them all...You may need to own a truck to carry this tool box around. This setup speaks for itself. If money is no object and you live by the phrase "I want it all and I want it now!" then this is what you want. The Ultimate Tool Box is for all those hardcore RC nuts out there who can't stand not having the latest and greatest in their arsenal of tools and gadgets. This tool setup covers pretty much everything you need for any type of situation. The whole ultimate tool box may be out-of-reach for many but eventually many of these tools may individually find their way into your expanding standard RC tool box depending on your needs.

Along with the basic and standard RC tools you have aquired, this ultimate setup will almost always have you answering "yes" to the question "Do I have that in my tool box?" If "I might need that someday" is your mantra, then this is the setup for you - or at least the starting point.

  • Basic RC Tools Setup
    • Tool Box
    • Assortment of small, precision screwdrivers
    • Assortment of flat-head and Philips-head screwdrivers
    • Needlenose pliers
    • Standard and metric nut drivers
    • Assortment of hex or "Allen" wrenches
  • Standard RC Tools Setup
    • Fuel filler bottle
    • Utility knife
    • Peak charger
    • Car stand
    • Rotary tool
    • Soldering kit
    • Glue gun
    • Cordless screwdriver
    • Digital multimeter
    • Temperature gauge

  • Field box
  • Mobile work box
  • Starter box for nitro RCs
  • Glow starter
  • Tire balancer
  • Flywheel wrench
  • Glow plug wrench
  • Piston-locking tool
  • Crank-lock tool
  • Larger assortment of precision and standard screwdrivers
  • Cordless soldering kit
  • Additional rotary tool accessories

There are many other special purpose RC tools you can add as long as your wallet and storage space allow. And your specific vehicle may call for certain special purpose RC tools as well.

Mobile Toolboxes
While you'll probably do major repairs at your home workbench, when you take your RC to the track, flying field, or lake you'll need to carry along many of your tools and supplies. A field box is for carrying your most essential quick fixes, fast repair tools, and fuel with you out on the flying field or at track side. A mobile workbox, especially a large one, puts your toolbox on wheels and lets you take more with you than you can easily carry in your arms -- especially helpful when you have to park far away from where you'll be running your RC.

RC Starting Tools
If you own a nitro RC with a pull start, a starter box makes the RC easier to start. It's also handy to have in case your electric starter goes out. And unless your nitro engine has an electric start system you'll need a glow starter to warm the glow plug and ignite the engine. They can be purchased separated and often come with some basic nitro starter kits (Compare Prices).

Compare PricesOfna On/Off-Road Starter Box for 1:10, 1:8
Compare PricesOfna 1:8 & 1:10 Narrow Starter Box (Pink)

Special Purpose Hand Tools
If you're really into performance and handling, a balanced set of tires are a must. That's where you'll want to spring for a tire balancer that lets you find the "light" and "heavy" sides of each wheel.

While your multi-purpose wrenches will often suffice, the tool-junkie is going to want some specialized tools. A flywheel wrench makes it easier to grip the flywheel. A glow plug wrench (which often comes included with RTR nitro vehicles and in nitro starter kits makes short work of removing your glow plug. For engine work, a piston-locking tool and a crank-lock tool help hold your engine in place while tightening and loosening the clutch nut.

RC Power Tools
A true RC tool junkie will never have enough screwdrivers, wrenches, and rotary tool accessories. They'll also want to upgrade their tools to cordless models, such as a cordless soldering iron.

Compare PricesDremel Rotary Tool Kit with 50 Accessories
Compare Prices Dremel 200 Pc. Accessory Kit
Compare Prices Self-Igniting Butane Solder Kit
Compare Prices Butane Cordless Solder Gun

The Ultimate Travel Toolbox

The ultimate travel toolbox would be an actual mobile toolbox or chest with lots of drawers and compartments full of every part that could possibly need replacing while you're out in the field. It would hold all your essential tools and probably a few more you just want to show off to your track buddies. The most important part of the ultimate travel toolbox is security. It needs to be lockable. And if it's not in your sight at all times you need a means to secure it in your truck or other nearby location. If you simply can't resist taking it all with you, make sure no one else is going to take it all with them while you're busy racing your ultimate RC.

This type of RC tools setup, including some RC nitro tools, is used by the hardcore RC enthusiast that can never have enough tools and are considered by some to be tool pack-rats or spoiled RC brats (or maybe they're just jealous). But even if you don't need it all, there are some nice options you might consider when upgrading your "less than ultimate" tool box.

But no toolbox is complete without some necessary RC supplies.

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