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RC Supplies

Stock Your Toolbox With These Extras and Consumables


Extra fuel, glow plugs, battery packs are essential

Put extra fuel, glow plugs, and battery packs in your toolbox

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Depending in part on the type of vehicle you own, there are a number of supplies that belong in every tool box such as tire glue and extra batteries. Be sure to stock your tool box with these consumables.
  • Tire glue
  • Shock oil
  • Air filter oil
  • After-run oil
  • Extra battery packs
  • Variety of crystal sets
  • Extra glow plugs
  • Extra fuel
  • Balloons
  • Extra fuel tubing
  • Plastic tie straps (zip ties)
  • Extra cotter pins

Oils and Glues
Gluing the tires to the rims keeps your tires from falling off during high speed racing, off-roading, sharp turns, sudden stops, and other maneuvers so you'll want to always have a bottle of tire glue at the ready. When getting your RC ready to run and when performing after-run maintenance you'll use various fluids including shock oil, air filter oil, and after-run oil. You'll also want to have extra fuel for your nitro.

RC Power Supplies
If you have only one battery pack you'll be cutting down on playtime by having to wait for it to recharge after use. Carry extra, charged battery packs with you and you decrease downtime.

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While you might not need to change out crystals or glow plugs frequently, you don't want to be without when you're out at the track and suddenly need a replacement. And as basic as it might seem, your nitro RC won't run without fuel so keep extra fuel on-hand.

Quick Fixes and Fasteners
Balloons and fuel tubing are similar to duct tape in the many ways the RC owner can use them. Commonly used to cover and protect the receiver, balloons can protect other internal parts including battery packs, servos, and shocks. Fuel tubing can also be used to protect parts of the RC.

Plastic tie strips (cable ties) are handy fasteners. They can strap the receiver and battery packs to the chassis, help organize wires, and fasten other parts within the RC. Little cotter pins, typically used to attach the body to the RC are easy to lose so having a few extras is always a good idea. And if you know a specific part on your RC is prone to breakage, keep extra parts or fix-it supplies on hand for that specific case.

You don't need every tool made and a warehouse of supplies to enjoy your RC hobby. But having a selection of the most-used and essential items as described on these pages can make repair and maintenance faster and easier so that you can spend more time running your RC and less time waiting to get it fixed.

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