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Adding After-Burn Oil to a Nitro RC


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What You Need
What you need for after-burn oil maintenance

In addition to the after-burn oil, you'll need a glow plug wrench and needlenose pliers. Paper towels help keep things neat and clean.

Photo © M. James
Nitro RCs are an awesome piece of machinery. Just like a real car though they also require regular maintenance. After running your RC for a while you have to perform after-run maintenance. Part of that after-run maintenance includes lubricating the pistons and all the internal parts. Nitro fuel contains alcohol which, after a good run, tends to dry out internal parts within the RC engine. After-burn oil is the lubricant used to counteract this drying out. You'll only use a few drops at a time so a small bottle of after-burn oil will last quite awhile. You can purchase after-burn oil at any RC hobby shop.

To start the after-run maintenance you will need:

  • paper towels or shop towels
  • needlenose pliers
  • glow plug wrench
  • after-burn oil

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