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Why Do Hobby RCs Cost So Much More Than Toy RCs?


Question: Why Do Hobby RCs Cost So Much More Than Toy RCs?
Radio controlled vehicles you find at retail stores could cost over a hundred dollars but most are well under that price. Go to a hobby store that specializes in RC vehicles, however, and your RC purchase could put a serious dent in your wallet.
Answer: Most hobby RCs are of a professional grade, built to look and perform more like real cars, planes, and boats. Many hobby-grade RCs come as unassembled or partially assembled kits that you build from the ground up. They are built to withstand the bumps and crashes associated with high-speed racing and professional stunts. Because they are often build-your-own models, parts can be purchased separately and upgraded and customized more easily than toy-grade RC vehicles.

Hobby-grade RCs use more powerful motors than toy RCs so they also need more durable parts to withstand the greater stress from these faster motors with more torgue and from the hobby-grade nitro engines. The stronger plastic parts and sometimes all-metal parts and the complexity of the construction increase the manufacturing costs so hobby-grade RCs cost more to buy and to maintain.

Mass-market or toy-grade RCs are usually intended for children and beginners who aren't ready or able to invest in the radio controlled vehicles hobby at the intermediate or professional level. They aren't intended to last as long or be upgraded and modified so manufacturing costs are less. They typically use less powerful motors, simplified electronics, and don't require the complex construction needed for vehicles with interchangeable parts and upgradeable components.

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