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RC Watercraft - Boats and Submarines

Make serious waves or set sail across uncharted waters as the skipper of your own RC watercraft or dive, dive, dive into radio controlled subs. Buy off-the-shelf boats and subs or build your own.
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RC Boat Basics: Scale Boats, Sailboats, and Powerboats
Explore these three broad categories of RC boats.

RC Boat Hull Styles
The hull is about more than just good looks. The shape of the hull affects the speed, stability, and maneuverability of the RC boat. Get familiar with flat-bottom, monohull, and hydroplane hulls.

Best RC Boats for Beginners
Learn what basic features to look for in a first-time or entry-level RC boat.

RC Powerboat Options
As with other RCs, toy-grade RC boats are all-electric. Hobby-grade powerboats gives you the choice of electric, nitro, or gas.

RC Submarine Basics
RC Submarines range in size from little bathtub or aquarium toys for in-home exploration to subs that are as big as your bathtub designed for deep sea (or at least deep lake) exploration. Learn the basics of radio controlled submarines.

Model Boat Scales
About.com Miniatures has details on scale sizes for powerboats and sailing boars used in radio control competitions.

Make a Watertight Seal for Your RC Boat
The parts in your RC boat may be waterproofed, but sometimes water seeps in where you don't want it. Here's a quick tip on how to make your own watertight seal.

Cool RC Water Toys
Not exactly RC boats, these radio controlled watercraft are fun novelties toys for all ages. Some of them double as both land and water vehicles for double the RC action.

Hobby Lobby International, Inc. - RC Model Boating
Has a wide selection of electric racing boats, scale RC ships, scale RC subs, sailboats and sailboat accessories and a whole lot more for your RC watercraft needs.

Captain Kid's Toy Chest - RC Boats
From RC sailboats, RC subs, RC racing boats and even RC hovercraft these RC are for kids of all ages.

Radio Control Boat Modeler
This is a quarterly magazine for RC boats. The site has subscription information and sample articles and tutorials from the magazine.

Glossary of Sailing Terms
A glossary of terms from RC Boat Modeler magazine helps out the beginning skipper interested in RC sailboats.

Post-Run Maintenance for Your Boat
After a hard day on the lake or pond you'll need to do more than just dry off your RC boat. These steps cover the hull, prop shaft, electronics, starter, and engine.

Top Five RC Boats for 2014
A look at five great RC boat choices for 2014.

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