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Underwater Adventures With RC Subs

Get More Fun from Your Sub


Sea Scout Micro RC Submarine in action.

Sea Scout Micro RC Submarine in action.

Animation by M. James
Once you've bought the sub or built it from kit or from scratch, showed it off to friends, and learned the basics of diving, turning, and surfacing you may wonder what else you can do with your RC submarine. Here are some ideas:
  • Submarine Races
    Get together with one or more friends for some underwater racing. Start at one end of the pool and race to the other end. For added fun, throw in an obstacle course.

  • Obstacle Courses
    In a large aquarium (for a mini-sub) or swimming pool float some bouys (attached to weights on the bottom). Attach a life preserver to a weight and submerge at different depths. Challenge yourself and friends to maneuver this obstacle course, circling the bouys and swimming through the rings.

  • Diving Contests
    Challenge yourself or friends to deeper and deeper depths. Use a marked stick, a rope across the pool at different depths (submarine limbo!), or the depth markings on the side of the pool or have someone in the water to judge the winner.

  • Camera Exploration
    Outfit your RC submarine with a video camera (submersible camera attached externally or a camera mounted inside a clear hull) and explore the bottom of a shallow pond. Get together with some friends with similarly equipped subs for an "underwater video treasure hunt" where you are searching for specific objects or intentionally hidden items.

  • Participate in a Regatta
    The SubCommittee holds annual model submarine regattas or find other RC submariners in your area and host your own formal or informal regatta or submarine runnings.

  • Submarine Battles
    Re-enact actual battles or make up your own. Get some friends with RC subs and RC battleships to join in the fun. Fire at underwater targets with your torpedo-equipped sub.

To delve deeper into the underwater fun of RC subs, see the websites for The SubCommitte, Bob Martin's RC-Sub.com, and other RC sites in the sidebar for FAQs, projects, and more detailed information about RC Submarines.

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