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Radio Shack XMODS RC Cars are 1:28th scale radio controlled cars. You can modify, customize, and race your XMODS RCs just like their big brother RC toys. These little RC cars have many of the features of expensive hobby-grade RCs but at a fraction of the cost (and size).

XMODS - How Many Do You Have? What's Your Favorite XMODS Car/…
Are you an XMODS junky? Do you have all the Generation 1 and Evolution series vehicles. What do you think of the newest XMODS Street Series? What's your favorite XMODS car or truck? Share Your XMODS story.

XMODS Street Series
XMODS are back on the street. Find out what's the same and what is different.

XMODS Evolution Stage 2 Motor Upgrade
Want more speed from your Evolution series XMODS? Upgrade it. This tutorial describes how to do a basic motor upgrade using the XMODS Evolution Stage 2 Motor Upgrade Kit, replacing the 27,000 Stage 1 motor with the 30,000 Stage 2 motor and a new gear setup.

Produced and distributed by RadioShack, XMODS RC Cars are 1:28th scale electric radio controlled cars. Here are lists of the Generation 1 (Classic) and Evolution (2005) lines of XMODS cars and trucks.

XMODS Evolution Picture Gallery
Browse several photo galleries featuring all 6 XMODS Evolution cars and trucks. Pictures show the XMODS in various stages of assembly or modification.

RadioShack XMODS
These 1:28 scale cars are not little kids toys.

AtomicMods.com Video
If you've every wondered "How fast can an XMOD go?" then take a look at these videos. There are several videos demonstrating the speed and tricks you can do with an XMOD RC.

Custom XMODS Parts Tutorials
These XMODS tutorials cover doors, lighting, suspension, and motor upgrades for your XMODS.

Custom XMODS Parts
Browse for starter kits, body kits, upgrades, and parts for the 1st generation and Evolution series of XMODS.

FAQ from XModWorld.com
Get answers to questions about when XMODS were released, body styles, and the difference between XMODS and Mini-Z Racers.

Micro RC Center - XMODS Forum
Get tips and advice and read tutorials all about XMODS in this forum.

Browse the catalog for parts and accessories especially for XMODS.

XMODS Graphics Downloads
Make your own vinyl decals for your XMODS with these printable graphics.

XMODS Screensavers and Wallpaper
Decorate your desktop and show your love of XMODS with these free downloads.

XMODS Track Builder
Tell the track builder what size room you have and let it generate a grid where you can design a track for your XMODS.

XMODS User Manuals
Download PDF manuals including All Models Starter Kit, Body Kit, and Upgrade Kits manuals.

XMODS Wallpaper and Videos
At Custom XMODS Parts find free downloads of wallpaper, Web site banners, and racing videos.

XModWorld.com - Mod Your XMOD
They have a couple of tutorials on things you can do to your XMODS.

XModWorld.com Gallery
Owners of Xmods offer photos of their cars in and out of the box.

Xtremely Modified
Import Tuner feature article describes the XMODS and has a brief comparison between XMODS and ZipZaps, both from Radio Shack.

What Are Differences Between Remote Control Cars?
In this Radio Shack video get an overview of types of RC cars, specifically XMODS and ZipZaps.

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