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Radio Shack ZipZaps Micro RCs

These 1:64 scale cars and trucks are inexpensive miniature RCs from Radio Shack. Smaller and less customizable than the XMODS, ZipZaps are fun little micro RCs for everyone. Simple ZipZaps modifications include changing the body and tires.

ZipZaps Micro RC from RadioShack
ZipZaps are a popular line of micro RCs from RadioShack. These 1:64 scale cars and trucks usually have interchangeable bodies, working headlights, and can be upgraded with new tires and hubcabs. Other parts, such as new motors, are sometimes available.

Building the Car
Here's how to put a ZipZaps car together.

Customizing the Car
This RadioShack support document describes how to remove the body and wheels and do some basic modifications.

Radio Shack's ZipZaps Micro RC Cars
This epinions.com review includes tips on assembly, using, and upgrading ZipZaps.

RadioShack ZipZaps Micro RC
See all these 1:64 scale cars, trucks, and accessories. There's a zipzap version of Bigfoot Monster Truck, James Bond's Astin Martin Vanquish, and more.

What Are Differences Between Remote Control Cars?
In this Radio Shack video get an overview of types of RC cars, specifically XMODS and ZipZaps.

ZipZaps Accessories
Search the Legacy Products Catalog at RadioShack for older ZipZaps and parts.

ZipZaps Forums
At TinyRC talk with other ZipZaps owners about ZipZaps, ZipZaps SE, and ZipZaps Monster Trucks. There's also a forum for mods and projects and a photo gallery.

ZipZaps Mods and Projects Archives
This collection of discussions from TinyRC may be old but you can still pick up some tips and ideas.

ZipZaps Mods and Projects at TinyRC
Check out the more recent forum discussions at TinyRC.

Wikipedia entry on ZipZaps gives history and describes the different kinds of ZipZaps.

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