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Radio Controlled Vehicles: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Should RC Beginners Start With a Grade RC Car...
RC toys are suitable for almost anyone, but an entry level RC car or truck has features suitable for those new to radio controlled vehicles.
How to Get a Clear Radio Connection for Your RC...
Avoid radio frequency interference problems with toy grade RC cars and trucks. Learn how to choose toy RC cars and trucks based on their frequency.
Can't Get Your Remote Controlled Vehicle to...
Sometimes it's something simple that's keeping your RC from running. When troubleshooting an RC that's not running, look for the simple, obvious problems before tearing it completely apart.
Having Transmitting or Receiving Issues with an...
What to do when your RC won't respond to the transmitter.
Before You Buy RC Toys for 6 to 12 Year Olds
The market for radio controlled toys these days is huge. But before you go out and buy a toy RC car or truck for the “underage” driver in your home, make sure that it’s one they can handle and will also hold their attention.
Take Your Model Airplanes to the Next Level...
These free RC airplane plans are generally more suitable for intermediate to advanced RC modelers. The aircraft often require more individual components and complex construction, for more realistic scale models.
How to Easily Build a Remote Controlled Airplane
These free RC airplane plans feature fairly simple construction techniques. Good for beginning modelers. The plans are not necessarily beginner planes for flying, but the construction process is less complicated than some RC airplanes.
Electric vs. Nitro
When looking at an electric RC next to a nitro RC, they may look very different. But there are quite a few similarities. The key differences come, not from appearances, but from actual operation. Compare two hobby-grade stadium trucks -- one electric and one nitro -- side-by-side.
Scale is a common term in the hobby and sport of RC vehicles.
How Fast Do RC Cars Really Go?
There are two speeds associated with radio controlled vehicles: scale speed and actual speed. Some manufacturers, in a bid to capitalize on the perceived superiority of really fast cars, will list the scale speed rather than the actual speed of the RC. It can make a normal car seem faster than it really is.
Fly Like a Pro With These RC Flight Simulations
Download a demo or get some free flight simulators to help you learn how to master RC flight. Find free versions and demo or trial editions of RC flight simulators for airplanes and helicopters.
Hone Your Flying-Model Skills with This...
If you want to hone your RC airplane or glider skills, flight simulation software lets you do it in any kind of weather and you can even fly outdoor planes in the house -- virtually, that is. Don't risk hurting your RC airplane by learning to fly it on your PC first. These RC airplane flight simulators feature either RC airplane models only, or both airplanes and helicopters.
Free RC Foam Plane Plans Ready for Download
A listing of free foam planes that have their plans available for download.
Can I Use the Same Gas in My RC Car as I Use in...
A gas RC may use gasoline or it might use nitro fuel. You need to know what kind of engine is in the RC vehicle to know what kind of fuel to use. The non-electric RCs sold in hobby shops are usually nitro RCs that use nitro fuel, not gasoline.
Repairing Radio Controlled Toys
Toy-grade RCs are generally not as durable or long-lasting as hobby-grade models. What can you do when a sentimental favorite toy RC goes on the fritz?
The Comprehensive List of Free Airplane Plans
A listing of free airplane plans for download from the About.com Radio Controlled Vehicles site.
What Materials Are RC Airplanes Made Out Of?
Wood, plastic, foam... there are many different materials that RC airplanes are constructed from.
How Do I Find a Local RC Race Track?
Many RC racers rely entirely on their own backyard tracks or simply racing their friends at local parks. But to prepare for and participate in serious competitions you may want to use a more official race track.
New Bright
New Bright produces radio control and remote control vehicles, train sets, and electric toys and accessories. Ranging in size from a big 1:5 to a hand-size 1:43 scale, in addition to cars, trucks, and jeeps there are several boats and motorcycles. New Bright Toys include officially licensed Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet products.
What is the Proper Nitro Engine Break-in...
Proper nitro engine break-in is critical for long-lasting performance of your RC. Every new nitro engine should undergo a break-in procedure. If you do nitro engine break-in properly, the up-keep on your RC vehicle is less costly than if the procedure is done hastly and incorrectly. Be patient.
1:10 Traxxas 4-Tec 2.5 4WD Nitro RC Car
The Traxxas 4-Tec 2.5 Nitro 1:10 Scale 4-wheel drive on-road sedan is quickly becoming more popular on the street racing circut. Sporting the powerful TRX 2.5 engine, the 4-Tec blows the competition away with an average top speed of 60+ MPH which is more than twice as fast as its closest competition.
How is RC Engine Size Measured?
RC engine size or displacement is measured in cubic centimeters (cc) or cubic inches (ci). In terms of RC engines, displacement is the volume of space a piston travels through during a single stroke.
Radio frequency used in RC vehicles
How Do You Fix an Electric RC That Won't Move?
You turn it on but it won't go anywhere. Perhaps you can turn left and right but the RC just won't move. What can you do?
RC Airplane Parts and Controls
Whether you've spent $20 or $200 on an RC airplane, to get the most fun and enjoyment you need to know a little more than 'what goes up must come down' (although that's important). Discover what to look for and how to control your RC airplane by identifying the key parts and key transmitter controls used for flying radio controlled airplanes.
Before You Buy Your First Nitro RC
Nitro RCs are fun to have but are also a serious hobby. If you are considering buying a nitro-powered RC vehicle you need to know that there are significant differences between electric and nitro RCs.
How to Master RC Helicopter Flight Simulators
Learn to master the intricate flight controls of an RC helicopter without risking your very expensive RC helicopter in your inexperienced hands. These RC helicopter flight simulator software programs feature either RC helicopter models only, or both helicopters and airplanes.
What are the Different Ways to Start a Nitro...
To start a nitro RC you need to turn on the transmitter switch then receiver switch, add fuel, prime the engine (get fuel to the carburetor), ignite the glow plug, then start the engine by rotating the flywheel. There are three main ways to start the nitro engine: pull start, bump start, electric start.
Kids Can Build Their Own RC
It's always fun when you can combine radio controlled vehicles with another activity that kids love -- and make it educational too. LEGOS, those plastic building blocks that provide endless hours of entertainment make building your own RC a snap. Elenco and Learning Resources also have cool construction sets that allow novice mechanics from 4 to 16 to experience the fun of building their own car without any automotive expertise.
What Do You Need to Build an RC Submarine?
If you buy a Ready-to-Run kit or toy-grade RC submarine chances are you will have everything you need in the box, already assembled. Some kits even include the batteries. To build an RC submarine model, you can either purchase a kit that contains most (but rarely all) of the parts or purchase everything separately and start from scratch.
What is the Best Scale of Slot Car?
From 1:24 scale to tiny HO scale, there is a size of slot car to fit all needs.
Carrera Digital132 Track Sets Versus Scalextric...
A comparison of the Scalextric and the Carrera slot car tracks for RC racers.
Tyco R/C
Tyco RC, part of the Mattel family of toys, is a major producer of RC toys. Terrain Twister, Shell Shocker, Street Beat Ready to Run RCs, a variety of Batman RCs, Stuntsters, and RC motorcycles are among the many RC toys from Tyco R/C.
Free RC Airplane Plans for 2014
A look at some of the top places you can browse in 2014 to get free rc airplane plans, including foam planes and balsa planes.
Tips and Tricks on Finding Used RC Cars For Sale
A look at different venues that a racer may find a used RC vehicle for purchase, including auctions, online classifieds, and race events.
Radio Controlled Toy Transmitters
Radio controlled toys are controlled by a hand-held transmitter. Look inside several typical RC toy transmitters and see what they contain. Examine the circuit board, find the crystal, see how the switches, toggles, or buttons operate.
Can Nitro RC Cars and Nitro Airplanes Use the...
The type and amount of oil in the nitro fuel is what determines whether it is better suited to RC cars and trucks or aircraft.
Free Glider Airplane Plans to Download
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >  Glider planes
Modify a New Bright RC Snowmobile
Modifying New Bright toy RCs is a popular pasttime. The New Bright RC snowmobile seems to be a very mod-friendly vehicle.
Before You Buy Your First Hobby-Grade Electric RC
Some people may think of moving up from RC toys to hobby-grade RCs as a chance to step up to the speed and power of nitro. But there's plenty of speed and power in a hobby-grade electric. They may run on batteries just like toy RCs, but most of the similarities end there.
What Kind of Paint Do You Use to Paint a RC?
Tired of looking at the same old paint job? Before you pick up just any old kind of spray paint or can of paint and slap it on your RC, make sure it's the right kind.
Scale Model
Authentic details on a smaller scale...
Radio Frequencies in the US for Radio...
In RC vehicles, frequency is the specific radio signal sent from the transmitter to the receiver to control the vehicle. In toy-grade RCs, the frequency is normally a set channel within the 27MHz or 49MHz frequency range. There is a greater variety of channels and additional frequencies available in hobby-grade vehicles. These are the most common frequencies used in both toy and hobby RC vehicles in the United States. Frequencies may vary in other countries.
Scary RC Animals and Insects
Send unsuspecting visitors or co-workers scampering with one of these radio controlled toys, perfect for Halloween or anytime you want to pull a prank.
New Bright Radio Controlled Jeep Teardown
Want to see what's inside a typical radio controlled toy truck? Follow along as I do a teardown of a New Bright Radio Controlled Jeep. Learn where to look if you want do repairs to an RC toy or find out what you can salvage from an old RC.
How Do You Build An RC Dragster?
Since I started the RC hobby I bought RCs both toy-grade and hobby-grade to see if they go as fast as advertised. If the RCs didn't go fast enough for my liking, I modified them to do just that, go fast. An RC dragster is a fast RC. Find out what it takes to build an RC dragster.
Why and How Do You Mod a Nitro Engine?
Modding a nitro engine means that you are making a modification that is or seems to make the engine better than factory specs. Modding goes beyond simply tuning your nitro engine. It involves making physical changes the engine itself.
What is Bind-N-Fly?
Bind-N-Fly or BNF is an Horizon Hobby trademark for a specific kind of Ready-to-Fly (RTF) RC aircraft that uses DSM technology. Learn more about Bind-N-Fly -- how it works and what RC airplanes and RC helicopters come in BNF versions.
6 Models for Building Your Own 3D Foamy RC...
Foamy plans for building RC airplanes out of Depron or other types of foam construction.
1:10 Scale Traxxas Rustler XL-5 Electric...
The new Traxxas Rustler XL-5 is a great choice for beginners and advanced RC users alike. It has been a long time since there has been this many upgrades to one of the best RC trucks on the market. Everything about the redesigned Rustler seems to measure up and surpass its older model standards.
1:36 Team Losi Micro-T Electric Stadium Truck
My list of pros and cons for the 1:36 scale electric Team Losi Micro-T Stadium Truck. Page 2.
Will Using a Different Percentage Nitro Fuel...
Not all nitro fuel is created equal. Switching fuels improve performance or mess up your nitro engine. Find out how to do it right.
Tamiya Tractor Truck Series of RC Big Rig Kits
The Tamiya Tractor Truck series of radio controlled big rigs are available as unassembled kits. You have to build them yourself.
How Do Infrared RCs Work?
Infrared RC toy vehicles are fun and popular little toys, often small enough to enclose in your fist. Cars, trucks, helicopters, and even tanks may come in infrared versions. There are both benefits and drawbacks to infrared technology applied to RC toys.
RC Antenna Basics
RCs have two types of antennas. There's an antenna on the transmitter or controller that sends messages to the RC and one on the receiver (in the RC vehicles) that receives those messages. Learn the basics of installing and using those radio antennas with your RC.
What are DSM RC Controllers and Receivers and...
DSM or 'Digital Spectrum Modulation' is a new radio technology recently adapted to the RC vehicles world.
What are Lean and Rich as Applied to Nitro RCs?
Nitro or glow engines use nitro fuel but it's actually a mixture of fuel and air that goes into the engine. The right fuel/air mixture keeps the engine running at its best. The wrong mixture can cause overheating, excessive wear, or cause the engine to stall. This fuel/air mixing takes place in the carburetor.
Free RC Jet Plane Plans to Download
Free RC Jet plane plans that are available for download.
Toy RC frequency. Radio Controlled Vehicles.
Free RC Military Plane Plans for Download
A few of the free military plane plans available for download.
RC Toy Modifications
rc toys, modifications, mods, upgrades, broken rc toys, radio controlled vehicles
RC Sports Games
Tired of driving around in circles with your radio controlled car or truck? Improve and test your driving skills while having fun -- on your own or with a group of friends, with these RC sports games. Great fun for expert and beginning drivers of RC cars and trucks.
Produced and distributed by RadioShack, XMODS RC Cars are 1:28th scale electric radio controlled cars.
Cool RC Robot Toys
One of the hottest sort of radio controlled gadget is the robot and there are some pretty cool RC robots just waiting to strut their stuff and take your commands. From robotic animals to sci-fi characters and superheroes, there's a robot toy for everyone.
How Do I Find a Local RC Club?
Joining an RC club in your area is not a prerequisite for enjoying the RC hobby but it is a great way to meet other radio control enthusiasts.
Free Biplane Building Plans for Download
Various biplanes that are available for free download to builders wishing to create their own RC flight plane.
Basic Flight Controls for Flying Toy RC...
In the RC hobby, flying RC helicopters is often considered the hardest RC skill to master. This might make the marketing claims for easy-to-fly toy RC helicopters hard to understand. The difference is in the design of the helicopters, the controls used for flying, and the range of movement and aerobatics that the helicopter is capable of performing.
Owning a Nitro RC
There's nothing like the glow of a nitro. Strictly hobby-grade, nitro-powered RCs cost more and require a larger commitment of time and skill but many hobbiests would have nothing less. Learn all about buying, running, and maintaining nitro RC cars, trucks, and other radio controlled vehicles.
RC Kits for Teens
Combine model building with electronics and mechanics by building a radio controlled or infrared remote controlled vehicle. Kits from Revell, Elenco, and LEGO Systems help teens learn about radio systems, motors, circuitry, robotics, and even soldering while building their own RC vehicle.
Replacing the Motor on an Electric RC
Changing out the motor on an electric RC is fairly simple. You might want to change the motor because the old one is dead, you want more power, or you need more torque. Whatever your reason, learn how to replace the motor on a hobby-grade electric RC.
Is There Software to Help With Slot Car Track...
There are a few track designing programs that are very helpful when it comes to designing your own track layouts.
Top 5 RC Airplane Crash Videos
As I view these videos on what seems to me how to crash a jet and look good doing it a new RC business
Remote Control Dinosaurs
Build Jurassic Park in your backyard with remote controlled robotic dinosaurs. These RC dinosaurs can walk and run and respond to sights and sounds they encounter. Some varieties can interact with each other or with other robots in the same family. Use the remote control to have the RC dinosaur perform a variety of actions, go on the hunt, explore, or stand guard.
Before You Get Into the RC Hobby
Getting into the RC hobby requires a time and money commitment as well as a passion for radio controlled vehicles. Find out what it takes to buy and own RC vehicles.
Spray Paint an RC Body
When using spray paint in cans to paint your RC body, follow these tips to help improve your painting.
Tamiya Grasshopper 1:10 Scale Off-Road Racer Kit
The Grasshopper has been around for many years. The latest kit version is a good kit for kids and for first-time RC builders of any age. Not only is the kit easy to build, it creates a fast, fun radio controlled off-road racer.
RC Truck and Tractor Pulling
Anything fullsize trucks can do, RC trucks can do too. That includes RC truck and tractor pulling competitions.
RC Bulldozers and Excavators
Compare prices and compare features on these different RC construction vehicles aimed at different age groups. The simplest are typically wired and have very basic movements and fanciful colors or features. Others are radio control and have more complex movements and more realistic detailing. Page 2.
Scale Speed
How fast it goes (sort of)... Radio Controlled Vehicles.
The Smallest Remote Controlled Vehicles
Learn about the smallest radio controlled cars, airplanes, submarines and helicopters, and where to buy them.
Add Oil to Shocks
Oil-filled shock absorbers give RC cars and RC trucks more stability over rough terrain. When you feel that your shock absorbers aren't performing properly you can check the fluid level and add more shock oil to the shocks.
The Best RC Boats for Beginners
Whether gliding gracefully across the pond or kicking up plumes of water in their wake as they shoot from shore to shore, RC boats provide hours of outdoor RC entertainment. Learn the basics of types of RC boats, power options, hull designs, and the best RC powerboats for beginners.
Car and Truck RC Magazines
While many magazines devote themselves almost exclusively to airplanes, helicopters, and boats, for beginner to professional RC enthusiasts interested mostly in cars and trucks, there are only a few major publications that focus primarily on reviews and tutorials of RC land vehicles.
Planet Toys, Inc.
This international toy manufacturer (that has since filed for Bankruptcy) produced a range of indoor and outdoor toys for preschoolers to teens and even adults. Teaming up with brands like Little Tikes and General Motors, Planet Toys produced radio control cars for all ages including the colorful Little Tikes Radio Control Cars for preschoolers and full function RCs for slightly older kids.
Radio Controlled Flying Saucers and UFOs
Consider getting one of these RCFOs -- radio controlled flying objects -- for all your skywatching friends.
What is the Difference Between a Single-Action...
Airbrushing is a painting technique using a special tool called an airbrush which sprays a mixture of air and paint. RC vehicle bodies are often airbrushed. Single-action or double-action airbrush refers to what type of triggering system is used for the airbrush tool.
How To Perform After-Run Maintenance on an RC...
Just like a real car, RC cars and trucks require regular maintenance. After running your RC for a while you have to perform after-run maintenance. All radio controlled vehicles -- electric and nitro -- need after-run maintenance but some of the steps here apply only to nitro engines.
Things to Do With Old or Broken Radio...
For something a little different... here are some off-the-wall ways to recycle old broken radio controlled toys.
Getting Your Gear Ratios and Slipper Just Right
Getting Your Gear Ratios and Slipper Just Right on your Radio Controlled Vehicle.
As its name suggests, the receiver receives instructions from the transmitter...
Questions for the Beginner RC Racer
A look at simple questions that the beginning RCer should know the answers to prior to getting into the hobby.
Radio Controlled Vehicles
Scale model cars, trucks, and other vehicles that are controlled by a hand-held controller that sends radio signals to the vehicle are Radio Controlled Vehicles. Learn more about what radio controlled vehicles are - the classes and configurations.
New Bright Radio Control Trucks
The New Bright RC Trucks in this gallery are representative of what's currently available. Selection and colors will vary from store to store with both newer and older models available on shelves or online. New Bright Full Function Radio Control Trucks (including Jeep, Land Rover, and Hummer) are recommended for ages 4 and up.
Nitro is a common term in the hobby and sport of RC vehicles.
The crystal in an RC isn't a diamond or emerald. It sets the frequency of the radio signal that the RC uses to communicate.
In the RC hobby, channel has two meanings, both somewhat related to the transmitter.
Why Do RC Tires Need to Be Glued to the Rims?
Most RC cars and trucks have three-part tires: wheel or rim, foam inserts, rubber tires. Although the parts all fit together nicely, glue helps keep the inserts inside and the tires on the rim.
Learn what hobby-grade RCs are. Radio Controlled Vehicles.
Adding After-Burn Oil to a Nitro RC
After running your nitro RC for a while you have to perform after-run maintenance. Part of that after-run maintenance includes lubricating the pistons and all the internal parts by adding after-burn oil to the nitro engine cylinder head.
Attaching Steering Rods and Steering Servo
Although you'll have to supply the servo, the kit comes with parts needed to attach it to the vehicle. Page 17.
Provides the movement for steering and other tasks...
What You Should Know about RC Aerodynamics
RC aerodynamics work much like full scale aircraft. Learn the basics of RC aerodynamics here.
A long time frontrunner in the manufacture of radio controlled toys, NIKKO has dozens of RC cars and trucks and a few boats and aircraft as well. They produce everything from tough and colorful RCs with basic controls for preschool and elementary age children to highly detailed, officially licensed cars with more options for the older kids. Most NIKKO RCs are in the 1:10 to 1:32 range and are high quality RC toys.
RC Surveillance Vehicles
The government, business, and scientists use cameras and RC airplanes and helicopters for aerial photography, surveillance, and other noble pursuits. But there are ways for individuals to combine cameras and RC vehicles for both practical and entertaining uses around the home.
Tyco R/C Cars
Tyco R/C, part of the Mattel family of toys, is a major producer of RC toys. In the RC car category, some of the major Tyco RC product lines include Drift King, 6V Auto Show, Dropstars, and West Coast Customs.
Unstick a Stuck Pull-Start Cord on a Nitro RC
If you have a pull-start nitro RC and the cord is stuck, here's what you can do...
1:10 Traxxas Stampede Electric RC Monster Truck
The Stampede, one of the many off-road RC trucks from Traxxas, is an electric RC monster truck that lives up to the Traxxas reputation for quality.
Indoor RC Helicopters
Most hobby-grade RC helicopters take a lot of skill to fly. They are not really geared towards beginners. But there are some less fancy, moderately-priced alternatives that let kids and novice RC pilots experience the thrill of flying without requiring a great deal of dexterity or knowledge of the mechanics of flight. These models usually combine small size with simple 2 or 3 channel controls. Many have ringed rotary blades for added safety. Some, however, can be quite challenging.
FMS from Roman and Michael Mõller allows you to virtually learn to fly RC models. Browse a gallery of screenshots from this flight simulation software.
1:5 Scale Ready-to-Run HPI Baja 5B 2WD Gas Buggy
This 2-wheel drive gas-powered buggy is an almost perfect example of a ready-to-run 1:5 scale big boy toy. It's big, easy to maintain, and comes with everything you need to get started racing -- except for batteries and fuel.
Building The Grasshopper
First released in 1984, The Grasshopper was a popular kit for young modelers and first-time RC owners before ready-to-run became the norm. The re-release is still a great entry-level kit for new modelers and RC enthusiasts of all ages. With only a few hitches along the way I (a first time RC kit builder) built the car in one day, painted it the next. It looks good, runs perfectly.
How To Choose Radio Control Toys
You could just pick the coolest looking RC toy sitting on the shelf. But will it be the right toy? Find out how to go about choosing a radio control toy.
How Do You Prep a Lexan Body for Painting?
When you buy an RC car or truck kit the body is often unpainted. You can also purchase new unpainted bodies to replace the one that came with your kit or your ready-to-run RC. Before you whip out the spraypaint cans or the airbrush, you have to get those bodies ready to accept the paint. Poor prep can ruin an otherwise fantastic paint scheme.
Learn RC vehicle terminology, including RTR.
How Does Weight Affect RC Performance?
Is your RC heavy or is it a light-weight? Weight has a part in overall performance of an RC vehicle. To improve performance you could add bigger motors, alloy metal parts, big tires, even larger gas tanks are nice to have for a nitro RC. However, some RC racers forget that bigger is not always better. Those shiny, colorful parts look cool but they can sometimes cause a drop in optimal performance because they change the weight of the RC.
1:10 Traxxas Stampede XL-5 Electric RC Monster...
The Traxxas Stampede XL-5 is the newest brushed motor version of this popular RC monster truck. Discover the major upgrades and changes to the chassis, transmission, drivetrain, suspension, and engine of the Stampede XL-5.
Attaching the Rear Shaft and Assembling the...
The Grasshopper features a sealed rear gearbox protecting the differential. The first few steps in building the Grasshopper involve putting that gearbox together. Page 10.
Learn what toy-grade RCs are. Radio Controlled Vehicles.
1:16 Traxxas E-Revo VXL Brushless RTR Electric...
This is no wimpy, slower version of its bigger 1:10 scale brother. The 1:16 Scale Traxxas E-Revo is a speedy little off-road truck.
The Electronics You Need to Supply
You have to supply a transmitter, receiver, crystal set, steering servo, and battery pack. Page 3.
Brushed Motor
Electric motors with little brushes inside...
Before You Buy Radio Control Toys for Toddlers...
RC toys help develop physical and mental skills. Before you buy another toy for your toddler or preschooler, consider the educational benefits of radio control and remote control cars and trucks. But, as with any toy for this age, there are certain safety features and operational features you'll want to consider.
Helicopter Games
Looking for a helicopter game? Here's plenty to choose from. Whether you just want to have some fun or you want to learn what it's like to fly a helicopter -- without really having one -- try one of these helicopter games. Includes RC flight simulators for radio controlled helicopter fun.
Assembling the Rear Wheels
The most difficult part of the entire kit was putting together those rear tires with their three-part rims. I confess that I gave up and asked for help. Then I spent another 30 minutes trying to get them screwed together properly. Page 23.
RC Gift Ideas For Every Situation
Stumped for a gift? Give someone a gift that's fun, educational, or perhaps a little quirky. Radio controlled toys make great gifts. For girls, gadget guys, couples, and others find the perfect RC gift ideas.
What Size, Length, And Color Of Fuel Tubing Is...
Although silicone tubing used in nitro engines has many auxiliary uses, it's primary use is to deliver fuel. A typical nitro engine has two lengths of tubing. One runs from the fuel tank to the carburetor (sometimes with an inline fuel filter in between). Another piece of tubing, called the air pressure line, runs from the fuel tank to the exhaust or tuned pipe. It helps to pressurize the fuel tank so that the fuel flows better through the fuel line to the carburetor.
What Are RC Tires Made Of?
RC tires are usually foam, rubber compound, or plastic. Foam tires are treadless -- they get their traction from heat and friction. Rubber tires may have treads similiar to the family car, knobby tires, or racing slicks. You'll want to choose tires for performance but looks can be important too.
Install the Electronics
Radio Controlled Vehicles. Page 18.
RC Submarine Basics
RC Submarines range in size from little bathtub or aquarium toys for in-home exploration to subs that are as big as your bathtub designed for deep sea (or at least deep lake) exploration. Learn the basics of radio controlled submarines.
Tamiya Electronic Speed Controller
The Grasshopper RC kit comes with an Electronic Speed Controller with forward and reverse. Page 16.
What Is Trim And How Do You Trim An RC Airplane?
Trim isn't about taking scissors and snipping off part of the plane -- well not usually. It's about making adjustments so your RC airplane flies right.
CAT Construction Hauler Set
Browse a gallery of images for a few RC construction toys to see some of the features, including different kinds of controllers for remote control, radio control, and push button toy dump trucks, earth movers, fork lifts, and cement trucks. Page 4.
Regulates power to the motor... Radio Controlled Vehicles.
RC Rock Crawling
Creep, crawl, and climb those rocks with an RC rock crawler. RC rock crawling isn't a fast-paced sport but is fast growing in popularity. Learn the basics of what to look for in an RC rock crawler vehicle.
Differences Between the RC4 and the RC4 Hybrid...
The latest personal counting transponders for RC cars could be confusing. See the difference between the RC4 and the RC4 hybrid.
Tip: Painting Rims
If you want to paint the rims, do it before assembly. Page 24.
RC Repair and Modification With Soldering
Soldering has many applications including the building and repair of radio controlled vehicles. For radio controlled vehicle hobbyists soldering is mostly used in making repairs and modifications to electric RCs.
PRE-Flight RC Flight Simulators
While Transcendental Technologies offers multiple RC helicopter editions, the standard edition of PRE-Flight features several kinds of aircraft. Browse a gallery of screenshots from the demo download of PRE-Flight fight simulators.
Build a Small Portable Indoor Micro RC Track
Get ideas on things to use to construct the outline of a track for your Zip Zaps or other micro RC cars and trucks.
RC Suspensions - Shocks and Springs
The part of the radio controlled vehicle that helps it make jumps, go around corners, and perform minor
RC Vehicle After-Run Maintenance Quiz - Test...
Answer 10 questions related to performing after-run maintenance on an RC vehicle.
What is the Difference Between On-Road and...
RC tires are usually foam, compound, or plastic. Each type of material has its own best uses for different on-road and off-road surfaces. There are different degrees of durability and hardness or softness within each of those three general types.
How to Protect RC Electronics from Wet Conditions
Protect your RC electronics and RC vehicles from wet conditions like rain, snow and mud with these simple tips.
Racing without rules... Radio Controlled Vehicles.
Team Up Or Battle It Out With RC Vehicle Sets
Double the fun with these RC duos. Pick up a pair of these RC helicopters, tanks, bumper cars, or slot car sets for double the RC action. There's even a set of tanks that you can build together from a kit. From adults to 6 year olds, pick a pair of RC vehicles for your favorite couple.
Traxxas Corporation - What Traxxas is in the...
You can't spell RTR without Traxxas -- they introduced the ready-to-run kit to the RC world and it's never been the same since. Learn more about Traxxas and what they offer.
How To Troubleshoot a Nitro RC Fuel System
If your nitro engine isn't getting a sufficient supply of fuel or the fuel has become contaminated it affects engine performance. Try some of these fuel system checks, replacing parts of the fuel system as necessary.
My Finished Grasshopper RC
First released in 1984, The Grasshopper was a popular kit for young modelers and first-time RC owners before ready-to-run became the norm. The re-release is still a great entry-level kit for new modelers and RC enthusiasts of all ages. With only a few hitches along the way I (a first time RC kit builder) built the car in one day, painted it the next. It looks good, runs perfectly. Page 30.
RC Construction Toy Basics
Just about any kind of vehicle comes in an RC version, including those big yellow construction vehicles you see building highways and breaking ground for homes and office buildings. Find out what to look for when buying remote control and radio control construction toys for kids including dump trucks, bulldozers, and forklifts.
RC aircraft frequency. Radio Controlled Vehicles.
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