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Readers Respond: Fake UFO Sightings With a Radio Controlled Toy

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From the article: UFO vs. RC in the Sky
Have you ever faked a video or tried to fool a friend into thinking they're seeing a real UFO using a radio controlled blimp, helicopter, or other flying RC? Were they fooled?

Have you ever been fooled yourself by a radio controlled toy masquerading as an alien aircraft? How did you find out the truth?

Share your story whether you were the one perpetuating the hoax or the one who got tricked -- even if it was for just a moment. Describe the hoax. What kind of RC was used? What gave it away -- the sound, the way it was flying, the appearance, or something else?

Flying Life Preserver

I wasn't really fooled but I was startled for a second when this buzzing ring saucer like thing rose up over the roof of my house one night. I live in the country and it was dark and the moon was low in the sky so not much moonlight. The thing was an r/c helicopter that had a kiddie life perserver ring suspended underneath it. My brother was the one flying it. I think him and some friends were experimenting to see what kind of flying contraption thay could make. Maybe they were going to do a UFO trick. They said that wasn't the plan but who knows. In the dark it was weird looking.
—Guest Marion
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