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Readers Respond: Best and Worst RC Flight Simulation Software

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With RC flight simulators and a virtual plane or helicopter you can learn the basics of RC flight without damaging your RC. And RC flight sims have an added bonus -- they're a great way to entertain yourself when it's too cold, wet, or windy to fly a real RC airplane or helicopter.

But which of the many free and not-so-free RC flight simulation programs are the best at teaching you how to fly? Which are the most fun, easiest to learn, or best value? Tell us which ones you've used and which you would or would not recommend, and why.

Clearview a no problem sim.

I have used Clearview since it's inception without issue. I have uninstalled and upgraded multiple times without any problems. Along the way I've replaced my PC twice and both times Clearview support was immediate with free setup questions. Clearview continues to update it's features at no additional cost. I have not found a PC TX or RC TX controller yet that doesn't work with Clearview. I have flown and competed with RC planes for 20+ years and for Clearviews nominal lifetime purchase price and realism you can't go wrong.
—Guest woejr

Phoenix, hands down..

I bought the Phoenix flight sim about 8 months ago and have never had a problem. Pricey off the start, yes..but worth it when you consider all the updates are free and you can download them in less than 3 minutes. I really like the fact that I can use my DX6i to control the planes as this is the Tx that I use on my real planes. Thumbs up Phoenix
—Guest the Doctor


FMS is the best rc flight sim because there are thouasnds of planes, seaplanes, helicopters and V/STOLS for download and the game comes with a free tuning program so you can customise the plane engines and other things.
—Guest FMS fan


Clearview is excellent if you are just starting out. The graphics are good , there are a great selection of planes and helis and the phisics are pretty decent too. The support is fine and you can unistall and reinstall using the built in licence manager. For the next step up I would say either real flight or pheonix. Personally I would recomend Pheonix as 1. you can use your own transmitter, 2. it runs on a real smooth eficciant Dx engine that gives maximum performance for your buck. Realflight on the other hand has a better selectioin of planes, some cooler features but needs some decent PC to run and uses its own proprietary controller. which may not be a bad thing.
—Guest bitwabbly

My Favorite SIMu is

The PRE-Flight over 40 hecopters & the RealFlight Basic fantatic graphics, feels like my old G2...
—Guest Baba JAH


I haven't used all the flight sims but I've tried several of the free ones. Like the price but not the features. Just not enough controls or models or customizing features. RealFlight cost a lot more (got my dad to buy it for me for bday) but it also has losts more to offer. I've been real happy with it. I may still try out others just to see but I dought any of them will be able to compare.
—Guest RealFlightFan

Say No to Clearview

(reposted from a blog comment) Clearview rc flight sim is not the program to purchase. They have very poor support and god forbid that you have to uninstall the program and need to reinstall it. They will not answer your email but are happy to take your money, Don;t plan on using it forever as they do not help and they have no phone number to resolve any kind of issue.
—Guest cj
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