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From the article: RC Sports Games
Driving, racing, and flying RC vehicles is fun in and of itself. But after awhile you want more. That's where RC games come in. What kind of fun and games do you do with your RCs? Whether you play alone, with one friend, or many there are lots of ways to enjoy the great outdoors or a rainy day that doesn't involve going round and round in circles.

Cops Robbers

This is a game thats simple to play but fun. On car is the 'Cop' And the other car(s) Are the robbers. The cop has to chase the robbers and hit the car, on a robber has been hit he is out.
—Guest Conor

Boat rescue

One pereson controlled the boat and the other person is in the pool, what we did is the guy in the pool set up a few floating boats with people in them and some other boats with pirates in them, the rescuer had to reach the survivors for 5 seconds and then the guy in the pool would put the survivors into your rc boat. The objective was to reach all of the survivors while avoiding the pirates and edges of the pool, to win you had to go back to the pool ladder.
—Guest BOb

My game

Me and my friend each have rc cars (he has a thunder tiger AT-10 and i have a wheely king 4X4). Now as you would have guessed, our cars are very different, so it would be hard to devise a game for us to play. We eventually came up with a game which would put those differences to good use. It was called R.C hide and seek. One car would go and hide and then the other car had to find it, and touch it. Because his car is a buggy, it conveniently fitted under cars, which my WK couldn't fit under. But i made use of my chunky tyres and 4x4 abilities. i hid ontop of a big dirt pile on the sidewalk. He could see me very easily, but couldn"t get up there. We could only hide where our cars could go on their own. Good fun XD
—Guest G mannnn

Spy Games

I don't know if this is really a game. My friend Joe has a video camera on his electric monster truck. We take turns trying to sneak up on people or animals. The person who can get closest and record the best and longest video without getting spotted is the 'winner.' We've done this maybe three times in the past few months. Good timekiller when your bored.
—Guest KJ

Ball Game with boats

Last summer a pal and I had a couple of toy boats in his pool. There was some little ball, a dog toy I think that was floating in the pool. I was just messing around using my boat to push it toward the shore when he came up beside me and nudged it away with his boat. We just started playing around from there each trying to push the ball to opposite sides of the pool and keep the other guy from getting it. No rules really but it would be easy to come up with some rules and stuff. He won but only cuz my batteries gave out first.
—Guest Pete Johnson

Drawing Charades

The thing with the paint makes me think of that charades like game Pictionary where people have to guess what you're drawing. Maybe that could be done with an RC car. You only need teams of two or more people and one rc for each team. I imagine you'd need lots of space. Picturing it in my head, you'd need BIG paper and super simple things to try to draw. But I thnk it could be fun. Hey that could be a cheap way to get some cool modern art to hang on the wall!!! Ha Ha
—Guest Kelly

Parking Lot Tag

Mike's talked about this here on the site but the first RC game I played was when we used to take all our XMODs (6 of them at the time) out to a parking lot at night and everyone played tag. It was rough on the cars but even though I could barely operate the car back then, I could still join in the fun and have a good time. Like regular tag, one car was "it" and as soon as it "tagged" another car that car would be "it." Sometimes the "it" car would have to be fast, sometimes stealthy - hiding under our big truck or behind parking lot bumpers (those concrete things). And you had to pay attention because it was easy to lose track of who was "it" and they would come at you out of nowhere. Uses up lots of batteries very fast!
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