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Readers Respond: Ways to Recycle Old RC Toys

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Sure, you could just throw them away. But where's the fun in that? If you can't salvage it for parts, what else can you do with a radio controlled car or truck or airplane or tank or RC robot? What clever, goofy, or weird ways have you found to recycle old or broken RC toys? I've shared my oddball ideas (my wife thought up some of them), now you share yours.

rc car trailer

i have made my very own rc trailer out of plastic storage boxes it consists of lots of cardboard and plastic
—Guest ross

Non-RC Use

Lost the controller on a toy car? After making sure the RC is safe enough for younger kids (no sharp edges or parts that come off) give it to a toddler to use as a regular push car or truck. Remove the batteries and maybe the antenna too.
—Guest Jack

Funny things.

I took the lights out of my rc hummer, and mounted them on my hpi wheely king. they are also removable. I also made an rc car trailer with assorted rc car bits.
—Guest G-mann

A mini safe

My wife took an old r/c of her brothers and made it into a safe. after gutting the inside the mounted a box on the chassis to hold jewelry or other small items and then reattached the body. It's old and beat up sites on a shelf in the garage where its not likely to catch the eye of a casual theif. I thought that was kind of clever.
—Guest Jonh

Donate them

Local schools and robotics clubs can certainly use them. Many times the circuit boards are hackable and good to use for experimentation for kids. Gears and other parts are also useful.
—Guest Shawn

Christmas Ornament

My wife bought a toy car ornament for me last year. But you could take an micro RC car or even a micro helicopter or airplane and attach string and use it as a tree ornament.
—Guest Dave


You can turn almost anything into jewelry. A pair of tiny car tires can be earrings. Just attach them to earring wires found at the craft store. Or glue a pin back to a wheel or even one of those super tiny r/c's. Glue a line of matching or different sized tires from tiny toy cars in a line along a flat plastic headband.
—Guest CraftyCathy
Oddball Things to Do With an RC

Michael James
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