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Readers Respond: Gotta Have, Can't-Do-Without RC Workbench Tools and Equipment

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From the article: Essential RC Tools
Is there a magic tool or piece of equipment that you turn to time and again when maintaining or repairing your radio controlled vehicles? Do you swear by a specific brand of tools?

Tell us about the items in your toolbox (or the toolbox itself) or on your workbench that you can't be without or that make RC maintenance easier.

Loctite Threadlocker

Blue Loctite Threadlocker is used more than any other tool in my RC shop.

must have

you have gotta have a spare steering rod and nitro fuel and fuel dispencer and tyres and body
—Guest dj300

Personal Lubricant

I always have personal lubricant readily available, and not not for that. I use it to fill shocks when the time arrives where you are out of shock oil. Its great for crawler shocks, and bashers.
—Guest TRX

Magnifying Glass

A hands-free magnifying glass is a must for building kits and for doing other detail work. I also keep a smaller handheld one in my toolbox. Also good for searching for dropped screws.
—Guest Paul

Small magnet

I always keep a small magnet in one compartment of my toolbox. I use it to hold tiny little screws and pins when I'm taking apart or rebuilding my car so I don't lose them.
—Guest KenMcGee

My Ultimate tool!

A screw driver, i know it isnt much but my wheely king 4x4's drive shaft keeps on popping, when you hit a kerb or something like that. Need it to undo the shocks.
—Guest G mannnn

must have

every thing revalves around my sguare drive bits. you need them for rc this rc that.
—Guest jeremy


One of those rotary tools with lots of attachments. With my rcs I use engraving tools to cut grooves into my tires. For stripped screws the cutting wheel comes in handy. You can cut a slot in the head so you can then use a flat screwdriver on it.
—Guest devilboy

Long and Short Bit Sets

Get bit sets for screwdrivers that have hex and flathead and all kinds of others. Cobalt makes a good one and it comes with long shaft nutdrivers too. Goes good with a pistol grip cordless screwdriver. Mine is Black & Decker. Saves on tired wrists. Be sure to get all lengths so you can get into all kinds of tight or hard to reach places.
—Guest John

Allen Wrenches

Allen wrenches or hex wrenches are a must have. And get as many sizes as you can especially the super tiny ones. I've run into RCs where you needed 2 or more different sizes on the one vehicle. I use them lots more than almost any other tool.
—Guest Steve

Hobby Knife

A good sharp hobby knife comes in handy for bodywork. Use it to cut decals, trim up wheel wells (even on rtr bodies), trim masks/tape when painting bodies and trim up any bits or knobs of plastic that shouldn't be there (I run into that a lot on some cheap toy rcs). Change the blades regularly!!!! Dull knives are worthless.
—Guest ToddC
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